Domont Studio Gallery

John Domont works his magic from the pure inspiration of the Indiana countryside, from nature and from still life forms. His intention is to express the human journey in moments of harmony between the unseen and the seen.

The Domont Studio Gallery in downtown Indianapolis offers a massive collection of his work and also serves as his studio. His is a popular body of work and he is well known among Indianapolis local artists.

Apart from his brightly colored landscapes and still lifes, John’s reputation in the Indianapolis art community was also mightily enhanced by his “Begging Bowl” series. This is a group of spiritually oriented pictures in which John hopes to portray the essence of the begging bowl as total acceptance.

Another series, called “Journey,” consists of fine art prints in limited editions from John’s original paintings. The Domont Studio Gallery also offers limited edition prints of his landscapes, including photographic work that depicts Cambodia, Japan, Yellowstone, the Midwestern United States. Last is a series of photographic prints called “Lotus Flowers.”

Through his photography, he also seeks to create images of the spiritual side of man, and the great effect nature has on all of us, linking us to the immortal.

John’s newest work seems to be metamorphosing into ever more subtle dimensions. His signature bright colors have been replaced by muted, cohesive palettes, many almost monotones. It is evident this artist will continue to grow with his art.

One way that this artist’s spiritual bent emerges is through his store called “The Symbol.” Clothing and accessories such as tote bags are emblazoned with “the symbol” John created in 1990 as “a flag of human possibility, unity and hope.”

The Domont Studio Gallery in Indy also offers private or group lessons and workshops in painting and photography. John Domont teaches tried and true techniques the will help each artist express his individuality with clarity and confidence.

The gallery often hosts special events such as charity parties, weddings and wedding rehearsal dinners and corporate parties. They offer a unique twist to those who choose the gallery for their events: the opportunity for all the guests to create a group painting during the course of the party. John Domont puts on a few polishing touches and the group has made an unforgettable memory. The gallery also offers the option to have them convert the group painting into a print each guest can take home.

Well-respected among the many fine art galleries in Indianapolis, the Domont Studio Gallery is located in the southeastern corner of the metropolis, on the other side of I-70 from Indianapolis cultural district called Fountain Square.

Domont Studio Gallery
545 South East Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46225-3304

Hours: Thursday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment