Language and Culture Gallery: Understanding One Another

The Language and Culture International Gallery is located in the downtown IndianapolisPropylaeum Carriage House, which was the initial site of the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. The facility itself, called Language and Culture International, was founded in 1993 as an academy for language and cultural diversity training.

The language school portion of the facility offers beginning level students a nice selection of language courses, including English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Latin and Spanish. Inside is an atmosphere totally unique to most learning institutions. They call it a “bistro” design, where the student or visitor is surrounded by the ambiance of other cultures, their sounds, sights and aromas.

Language instruction, then, is not all the Language and Culture facility offers, by a long shot. Students learn how to learn a language, for one thing. And while they are experiencing this fascinating atmosphere, they gradually come to a firmer understanding of other cultures. Some language experts say that understanding the culture is even more important to learn than the vocabulary, if your intent is to communicate well.

All the instructors at Language and Culture International have either lived in the country whose language they teach, or are natives of that country. They teach not only words, but mannerisms, expressions, customs and colloquialisms, all the components that make up a culture, in a varied and always interesting format.

To that end, the institute has created a tiny, multi-cultural universe inside its walls, where students and guests can mix and enjoy its diversity. There is a coffee bar with fresh international brews, teas and pastries, open to all. Also offered are Latin dance classes, a chess club, harp, guitar, piano and voice lessons, porcelain and china painting groups and a stress relief gathering to stretch and relax.

The Language and Culture International Gallery is a central part of the academy. Open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and during the week by appointment, the gallery offers rotating public shows of fine Indianapolis artists in their space, one of the most unusual among the many excellent Indianapolis art galleries.

Many of the special events in Indianapolis, fairs and festivals celebrate the diversity of the Circle City, and other cities in Indiana. Dedicated groups such as Language and Culture International are of great benefit to Indianapolis art and Indianapolis culture as a whole. Put a visit to this one-of-a-kind place on your list of Things to Do in Indianapolis.


Language and Culture International Gallery
158 E 14th St
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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