Archives for September 23, 2008

Karen Baldner | Indianapolis Artist

Karen Baldner, Indianapolis artist, makes unique, sometimes super-sized, pieces of art using handmade paper for her foundation. She has also produced some sculptural pieces. In her work, Karen tries to express all the varied dimensions of human emotions, from pain to humor to anger or cynicism. She works from a personal penchant for combining the […]

Lesley Baker | Indianapolis Artist

Though Indianapolis artist Lesley Baker has a strong architectural background, she works mostly in ceramics, prints and sculpture. She layers her images to reflect the inner meanings as she perceives them. She has taught art and design in such prestigious schools as the University of California at Berkeley, the Mendocino Art Center, the Rhode Island […]

Martine Bachelart | Indianapolis Artist

Martine Bachelart is well known in the Indianapolis art community as a superior colorist who strives for energy and immediacy in her pieces. A heavy leaning toward design influences her work, which can be accurately described as abstract graphics, decorative and contemporary. As a child growing up in Belgium, she always gravitated toward the arts. […]

Lynn A. Andalman | Indianapolis Artist

Lynn Andalman has a strong background in interior designing, which comes out into her bold and colorful abstract paintings. Working strictly in acrylics, she employs bold contrast and textures to produce vastly interesting paintings, many reminiscent of the ground-breaking style of Jackson Pollack. Born and raised in Chicago, Lynn now makes her home in Indianpolis, […]