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Lynn A. Andalman | Indianapolis Artist

Lynn Andalman has a strong background in interior designing, which comes out into her bold and colorful abstract paintings. Working strictly in acrylics, she employs bold contrast and textures to produce vastly interesting paintings, many reminiscent of the ground-breaking style of Jackson Pollack. Born and raised in Chicago, Lynn now makes her home in Indianpolis, […]

Watercolor Society of Indiana

For some 25 years, the Watercolor Society of Indiana has offered a safe haven for the Indianapolis arts in general and lovers of watercolor around the state. The society is a group of watercolorists that have banded together to promote the art within the Indianapolis art community and throughout the state of Indiana. It offers […]

Marianne Glick: Artist & Indianapolis Business Leader

Marianne Glick began painting in September of 2004 as a way to positively approach the long winter months. In the spring and summer months, Marianne loves to garden, and it was gardening, in fact, that inspired her first paintings of flowers. From the photographs of the garden in the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons in […]

YMCA of Greater Indianapolis: Serving the Community for 150 Years

The YMCA of Greater Indianapolis has been serving communities in and around Indianapolis, Indiana for over 150 years. With several historical facilities and many modern ones, YMCA of Greater Indianapolis and its community branches enrich the lives of Indianapolis kids, seniors, and families within the areas they serve by offering programs in aquatics, sports, personal […]

Das Deutsche Haus Athenaeum: Downtown Historic Bastion

The word “athenaeum” is Latin and refers to an ancient Roman school for the study of the arts. Over the millennia, the meaning of the word grew to encompass the study of practically everything, and a temple of sorts to the human body as well. Das Deutsche Haus Athenaeum, then, can be interpreted to mean […]

The Athenaeum Turners: Founding a German Dynasty in the Midwest

The German phrase “Sozialer Turnverein” can loosely be translated to mean the “Turners Club.” Turners are gymnasts, but the German group that sprang up in Indiana in general, and Indy in particular, during the 1800’s, has expanded to include all kinds of athletic and associated social endeavors, such as lectures, parties and dramas. The Athenaeum […]

Rotary Club of Indianapolis: Service in the Indianapolis Community

The Rotary Club of Indianapolis is an organization for members of the Indianapolis business community, who are committed to community service in the city. The Rotary Club in Indianapolis is among the oldest in the nation. It was established in 1913, just eight short years after the first ever Rotary Club was founded in Chicago. […]

Young Actors Theatre

The Young Actors Theatre is where some of Indy’s best actors and actresses are trained as children. The YAT is the oldest not-for-profit theatre in all of Indianapolis and is located inside the historic Athenaeum Building in downtown Indianapolis. It shares the Athenaeum with the local favorite Rathskeller Restaurant and now occupies the same space […]

Max Kade German-American Center

Situated in the Deutsche House at the Athenaeum, the Max Kade Center upholds a lofty tradition of ongoing education in German-American relations and is the foundation for German-American studies in Indianapolis. In the fascinating annals of Indianapolis history, the influx of German emigants had a profound effect over the generations, almost from the city’s founding. […]

The Indianapolis Maennerchor: German Choral Music in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Maennerchor Inc. is the oldest men’s choir in America, preserving the tradition of German choral music in Indianapolis for over 150 years. The choir was formed in 1854 by a group of German immigrants to the city, homesick for their beloved Deutschland. Now the group has celebrated its Sesquicentennial with a special spectacular concert. […]

Indiana German Heritage Society

Indiana German Heritage Society is a non-political, long-lived society dedicated to preserve and celebrate Indiana’s German heritage in and around Indianapolis. A full 40% of all Indiana residents have a German ancestry, and the German influence runs rife through all aspects of Hoosier life. Located in the heart of Indy, the Indiana German Heritage Society […]

The Oldest Orchestra in Indianapolis: Athenaeum Pops Orchestra

The Athenaeum Pops Orchestra, an Indianapolis music organization, grew out of a zither ensemble during the 1870’s. The German concert zither is a flat stringed instrument with a fretted fingerboard and 32 to 42 strings. It is popular in several European countries, most notably Germany and Hungary. It’s only natural that the ensemble at the […]

Athenaeum Docent Club in Downtown Indianapolis

The Athenaeum Docent Club offers classes to those who would like to prepare to be a Docent for the Athenaeum. This historic building is considered one of the main hubs of activity in the bustling metropolis of Indy and a bastion of Indianapolis culture. Classes are geared to be fun, as well as informative, providing […]

Athenaeum Damenverein

Founded by the Athenaeum’s Social Athletic Club known as the Athenaeum Turners (the Socialer Turnverein), the Athenaeum Damenverein is the women’s group representing the German House Athenaeum organization (Das Deutsche Haus Athenaeum). The group meets for social occasions and volunteers to support Das Deutsche Haus groups’ various activities. This organization has remained active since 1876, […]

Athenaeum Foundation

The Athenaeum Foundation was formed in 1991, by the new generation of founding fathers of the Athenaeum Building complex in bustling downtown Indy, with the purpose of guarding, keeping and restoring a national treasure, the Athenaeum Building of Indianapolis. The National Register of Historic Places mentions the Athenaeum three times, and this fact alone more […]

RCA Dome: Indianapolis Sports Landmark Now a Memory

For nearly three decades the RCA Dome, formerly known as the Hoosier Dome, occupied a footprint of two city blocks along South Capitol Avenue in downtown Indianapolis, right across the street from the Circle Center Mall. From the time it was completed in 1984 until the start of the 2008 season, the RCA Dome was […]

Indianapolis Art Shows: Indianapolis Artists and Beyond

The world of art in Indianapolis is one that residents of the Circle City take very seriously, and Indianapolis art shows are a favorite activity around here. Indianapolis culture is alive and thriving, and an important part of the rich history and traditions of the city is wrapped up in the Indianapolis art community. Indianapolis […]

Indianapolis Art Galleries: Boost your Creative Spirit

The following list contains the prestigious art galleries located in the Indy area and are short drive from many popular Indianapolis attractions making them easily accessible on any occasion. 4 Star Gallery The 4 Star Gallery is a collective Indianapolis art gallery that showcases premier regional Indianapolis art, and art from other cities in Indiana. […]

Indy Jazz Fest: Still Cookin’ After Eleven Years

This extremely hip Indianapolis festival, held in June every year, is presented on two different stages in the famous Military Park of Indianapolis. It is considered one of the best music festivals offered all year long in the entire Midwest. Spyro Gyra performing at Indy Jazz Fest in Indianapolis, Indiana. Over a decade of heavy-duty […]

Indianapolis Theatre Companies: Live Art on the Boards

Theatrical arts are a huge part of Indianapolis culture and society. There are more theatres in Indianapolis producing better quality shows than in most similar cities in Indiana and throughout the United States. Indianapolis Hoosiers lean on these thespians to fill an important niche in their lives. Through the art of theatre, one can come […]