Indiana Professional Sports Teams: The Heartbeat of Indianapolis Sports

Indiana’s professional sports teams, all of which are based in Indianapolis, offer action and excitement to sports fans all over the state. The city  of Indianapolis truly has something for everyone. Whether you are looking to spend a day visiting Indianapolis museums, historic landmarks, or Indianapolis parks or if the fancy strikes you for some fine dining at any one of Indianapolis’ great restaurants and an entertainment at the ballet, Indiana Repertory Theater or the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home city to be a tourist. The city also offers up its fair share of professional sports.

On top of all of the innovative Indianapolis cultural activities, the circle city is home to all of Indiana’s five professional sports teams and two cheer leagues. These events offer a change of pace if you are in the mood for a more action packed evening. For years fans have been cheering on the Indianapolis Colts and the Colts Cheerleaders, the Indiana Pacers and Pacemates, the Indiana Fever, the Indianapolis Indians, and the Indiana Ice. Learn more below about how you can get in on the excitement of the professional sports world in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Colts

Once football season starts in the land of Colts country, there is no stopping the spirit from spreading to everyone. Whether or not you watch football, if you live in Indy you love the Indianapolis Colts. On Sunday afternoons in the Fall, Indy sports bars are a sea of blue swaying in tandem with the movement of the pig skin back and forth down the field. These guys really put the pro in professional sports. When the Colts are playing in their new home, Lucas Oil Stadium, the city comes together to create electric blue energy that has even the least interested spectator screaming “Go Peyton Manning!”

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Colts Cheerleaders

The Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders have a lot to do with building of excitement throughout the city when it comes to the Colts. They are professional athletes in their own right. Aside from donning the famous white and blue to represent the horseshoe, the Colts Cheerleaders make appearances all over the city at Indianapolis events such as the Indianapolis 500 Festival mini-marathon. These ladies sure know how to shake up a crowd!

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Indiana Pacers

Indiana residents could not hold their heads high and call themselves “Hoosiers” without a professional basketball team, making the Indiana Pacers an important part of our identity. The Indiana Pacers have a deep rooted history in the city dating back to 1967. They have called the Indiana State Fairgrounds and Market Square Arena home before they made it to the NBA and moved into Conseco Fieldhouse, just down the street from the Colts new home. The Pacers offer the best of basketball in a state known for its b-ball reputation.

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The Pacers rely on the support of their cheerleaders, the Pacemates, for success in their games. Rivaled only by the Colts Cheerleaders, these women rock out on the hardwood floors of Conseco Fieldhouse, entertaining fans during half-times and time-outs. But there is more to these ladies than meets the eye. In the off season, they work with charitable organizations such as the Riley Memorial Children’s Hospital to brighten the day of the down and out, reminding the community that somethings are more important than professional sports.

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Indiana Fever

The Indiana Fever prove anyone who says “girls can’t play sports” wrong. Tougher than the Colts but just as beautiful as the Colts Cheerleaders, these athletic ladies are perfect role models for little girls who love sports. In 2008, two team members globe-trotted to China for the Olympics; one even brought back the gold. Indiana is proud of their professional basketball playing daughters, who will beat any man in any sport on any court.

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Indianapolis Indians

The Indianapolis Indians are a favorite way for families to pass a hot summer afternoon. Located right next door to the Colts and just across from the Canal and White River State Park and the Indiana State Museum, this baseball team calls Victory Field home. Indianapolis kids love the team mascot Rowdie, the big red bear, and dream of the summer treats that always seem to taste better at the baseball park.

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Indiana Ice

When the Colts are in their off-season, check out the Indiana Ice, Indianapolis’ premiere professional hockey team. They play in the Pepsi Colesium at the Indiana State Fairgrounds and throw right hooks better than most boxers. A perfect addition to Indiana’s professional sports teams, the Indiana Ice offer sports fans the chance to cheer all year.

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When it comes to professional sports, Indy truely has it all. From professional football to professional men’s and women’s basketball to family friendly games played with a ball or a puck. Any sports fan should be greatful for the variety offered in our fair city. Our professional sports teams rival some of the best professional teams in the world. Indiana can be proud of how it is represented on a global stage by its professional sports teams.