Fiesta Indianapolis

Each year during National Hispanic Heritage Month, Indy gears up for its annual Fiesta Indianapolis. Beginning in 1980, the festival continues to be the premiere yearly celebration of Latino traditions and culture in Indiana. Held every year on the third Sunday in September, the affair promises to not only educate attendees on all things Hispanic, but to entertain them with traditional elements of the culture, including music, art, food, and dance. Approximately 35,000 Hispanic and non-Hispanic residents alike gather each year at the American Legion Mall and Veterans Memorial Plaza in downtown Indianapolis to take part in the events.

Video in Spanish about Fiesta Indianapolis in Indianapolis, Indiana

If you’re planning a trip to this year’s fiesta (and you should!), expect to settle in and spend the day. There are numerous events for all ages to take part in, including a children‘s area, arts and crafts booths, and a Latin street dance party. The event kicks off with a parade of flags of the nations of America, a performance by the Indianapolis Children’s Choir, and opening remarks by dignitaries. Entertainment follows soon after and goes strong until midnight. A wide variety of music can be heard spilling into the streets, including the traditional banging of a mariachi band, as well as orchestra, flamenco, and tango music. In addition to the children’s choir, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra provides a spirited array of traditional Latino sounds.

Salsa dancing video from Fiesta Indianapolis in Indianapolis, Indiana

A food plaza spreads wide over the park to offer attendees a great variety of customary Hispanic dishes. Spicy Tex-Mex is always a favorite, in addition to enchiladas, burritos, and tamales. While Hispanic food tends to be spicy, you can cool down afterward with rice pudding, flan, and dulce de leche ice cream. Information booths are sprinkled throughout the area to provide facts and statistics on the Latino culture for those looking to satisfy their minds as well as their tummies. Cultural organizations and embassies from the area are encouraged to join in the fun and display educational and cultural items to highlight their services and provide the public with information about the Hispanic way of life. You won’t be disappointed by the wide variety of entertainment and cultural enlightenment at this fun-filled event. So prepare your palette and open up your eyes, ears, and mind to get ready for this year’s Fiesta Indianapolis!