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Michael Kelsey: Singer, Songwriter, Legendary One-Man-Show

Michael Kelsey offers perhaps one of the most unusual acts seen in Indianapolis and throughout other cities in Indiana and the Midwest.  Born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana, the singer, songwriter and master guitarist, provides entertainment that is unique in Indianapolis music. Michael’s unusual sounds and rhythms are produced acoustically and electronically to create a […]

Veterans Memorial Plaza: A Stirring Tribute

The Indiana War Memorial Plaza Historic District may seem like a mouthful to say, but more importantly, it’s an eyeful to see. The district is home to several historical monuments, including Veterans Memorial Plaza, and is considered a major part of Indianapolis history in its own right. Located just north of the Indiana War Memorial, […]

U.S.S. Indianapolis National Memorial: Remembering Disaster at Sea

The U.S.S Indianapolis National Memorial is a monument in Indianapolis that pays tribute to the crew of the U.S.S Indianapolis, who perished in the worst disaster in United States naval history. Just after midnight on July 30, 1945, a Japanese submarine in the Philippine Sea struck the U.S.S Indianapolis. Carrying 1,196 men, the ship sank […]

The Ram Restaurant and Brewery: Hearty Microbrews in Downtown Indianapolis

If you’re looking for a tasty and unique dinner option that won’t empty your pocketbook, head to the The Ram Restaurant and Brewery in downtown Indianapolis. A family-owned chain with 17 stores throughout the Midwest, it manages to radiate a friendly, casual atmosphere amidst becoming one of the hottest restaurants in Indianapolis. First, there’s the […]

The Oceanaire Seafood Room Restaurant, Indianapolis, Indiana: Fresher than Fresh

In the competitive pool of high-class, elegant restaurants scattered throughout downtown Indianapolis, the Oceanaire Seafood Room Restaurant stands out as one of the city’s best. This is a refined Indianapolis restaurant that promises more than just good food. The Oceanaire Seafood Room Restaurant The Oceanaire Seafood Room Restaurant Reviews and Comments The Oceanaire Seafood Room […]

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The Melting Pot: Fondue Restaurant with Elegance in Indianapolis and Greenwood

It’s Friday night, and you’re looking for a few romantic ideas. You want to take your date somewhere special. You want a cozy, leisurely dining experience with a bit of a kick. Well, look no further than The Melting Pot restaurant on the northeast side of Indianapolis; you won’t be disappointed. An upscale, elegant Indianapolis […]

The Lawn at White River State Park: World Class Music Venue

A popular feature within White River State Park, Indiana‘s largest urban park setting and the biggest park in Indianapolis, is the Lawn at White River State Park. This outdoor concert venue was opened in 2003 in Indianapolis to bring residents and visitors an opportunity for live entertainment in an expansive outdoor setting. With immediate success […]

The Hilbert Conservatory is Green All Year Round

The Hilbert Conservatory, located on the grounds of White River Gardens in Indianapolis, Indiana is a beautiful glass building reaching into the sky and adding an extra sparkle to the Indianapolis skyline. With the Indianapolis Zoo, White River Gardens and the Hilbert Conservatory, visitors can make a day of appreciating the natural world, smack dab […]

The Greek Islands Restaurant: Indianapolis, Indiana’s Mediterranean Dining

The Indy Greek Festival only comes around once a year, so you might think that you’re without hope if you get a hankering for baklava during any month other than September. Fortunately for you, all your Mediterranean cravings can be fixed at The Greek Islands Restaurant. Serving up traditional Greek fare in a comfortable family […]

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Sigman’s Gallery: Fine Indiana Art on Broad Ripple

Established in 1989, Sigman’s Gallery of Fine Art is one of Indianapolis‘ many venues for Indianapolis art. Specializing in original artwork by emerging, mid-career, and established artists working in any medium, Sigman’s Gallery sells a variety of works. The Indianapolis art gallery also offers museum-quality custom framing services. Located at 930 Broad Ripple Ave., Sigman’s […]

Shula’s Steakhouse Restaurant in Indianapolis, Indiana: 48 Ounces of Perfection

NFL legend Don Shula is on a mission to surpass his former greatness. This time, his goal is not to dominate the gridiron or coach his team to victory; instead, he’s doing all his dominating in the kitchen. He knows that the key to success is putting together a winning team, and Don has done […]

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Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Restaurant, Indianapolis, Indiana: Fine Steak Dining

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Restaurant has been around – well, longer than dirt, it would seem.  Chris Matulich opened the first Chris Steakhouse in 1927. Ruth Ann Fertel purchased a Chris Steakhouse in New Orleans in 1965, renaming it Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.  We are all glad that she did, because this Indianapolis restaurant offers the finest […]

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Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery: Letting the Good Times Flow in Indianapolis

Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery’s vow to be “serious about our food” and “crazy about our beer,” certainly holds its weight in Indianapolis, where it’s one of the most popular choices for a night of drinking and socializing in the city. With two convenient locations in Indy, one downtown and one on the north side, […]

Front Page Sports Bar & Grill: Newsworthy Drinks and Food

Front Page Sports Bar & Grill, now recently remodeled, provides a warm, casual atmosphere for its eclectic crowd. Located on Mass Ave, an Indianapolis cultural district, and across from the Indianapolis Star newspaper building, it’s a great place for the after-work crowd streaming in from the IndyStar offices across the street. With a decent food […]

Paul Ruster Park: 100 Acres of Indy Park Along Buck Creek

    Paul Ruster Memorial Park in Indianapolis is a relatively newly developed park and recreational area comprised of over 100 acres of land bordered by Buck Creek, near the Washington Square Mall. Designed as a rural natural setting, it contains both passive and active areas for recreation, including sledding and skating areas, picnic grounds, a […]

Palomino Restaurant: Modern Elegance in Indianapolis

The Palomino Restaurant is an energetic downtown restaurant and bar in Indianapolis that is famous for its classically modern and sumptuous ambiance.  One of the most luxurious restaurants in Indianapolis, the Palomino is a great place to bring your date for a romantic evening out on the town. Located in Indianapolis’ famous Circle Center Mall, […]

Oaklandon Civic Theatre: Historic Indianapolis Performing Arts

With a “notable” distinction by the Indiana Division of Historic Preservation and Architecture, the Oaklandon Civic Theatre is a valuable piece of Indianapolis history. It is one of the oldest Indianapolis theaters, with origins tracing back to 1850. The site of the Oaklandon Civic Theatre has contained various structures and has been rebuilt twice from […]

Mo’s A Place For Steaks Restaurant in Indianapolis, Indiana

How seriously do you take your steak?  Mo’s A Place For Steaks Restaurant is a place you can count on for taking its steak every bit as seriously as its customers do. In a rigorous comparison with  some of the other world-class restaurants in Indianapolis, Mo’s easily holds its own in terms of quality of […]

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Morton’s The Steakhouse Restaurant in Indianapolis, Indiana: First Class Surf and Turf

When your name is “Morton’s The Steakhouse Restaurant,” you had better be ready to back the word “the” up.  Making such a bold statement in your name says you are not afraid to take on comparison.  And there are plenty of great Indianapolis restaurants with which you will be compared. But, Morton’s The Steakhouse, in […]

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Mass Ave. Toys Indianapolis Indiana

Mass Ave. Toys, located in Indy‘s Mass Ave sector, one of six distinguished cultural districts in Indianapolis, is a unique experience in toys. This shop specializes in high quality, interesting and entertaining items, many with an historical flair. Nestled in the heart of glittery, upbeat downtown Indianapolis, Mass Ave Toys fits in with all the […]