Kole Hard Facts of Life | Indianapolis Blog

Kole Hard Facts of Life | Indianapolis Blog

If you’re ever wandering around the sometimes bewildering, sometimes enlightening halls of cyber space looking for the Libertarian political point of view, here’s an excellent source for you. Written by Mike Kole of Fishers, Indiana, a fast-growing suburb of Indianapolis in central Indiana, the Kole Hard Facts of Life is a treasure trove of articles defining the Libertarian way of thinking on almost every possible political subject.

Mike Kole carried out a Libertarian campaign in the year 2006, as a candidate for the Secretary of State. He created the Kole Hard Facts blog way back in 2003, and has been faithfully posting and maintaining it ever since. You will find some erudite and serious-minded blogs on a vast range of subjects, from national health care to the rules of the local City Council. You will also come across some delightfully lighter reading fare.

Mike Kole describes his blog as containing “social and political observations, plus Libertarian policy solutions.” It’s definitely worth the read.

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