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Indiana Policy Review: Just the Facts

Indiana Policy Review is an Indianapolis blog, run by the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, whose mission is to “marshall the best thought on governmental, economic and educational issues at the state and municipal levels” in ways that “exalt the truths of the Declaration of Independence, especially as they apply to the interrelated freedoms of religion, […]

The Indiana Law Blog | Indianapolis Blog

The Indiana Law Blog The Indiana Law Blog fills a definite little niche that is most welcome to those who come across it in search of a blog that concentrates on recent developments in the law and government in Indiana. Erudite and upscale, as befits its subject matter, the Indiana Law Blog contains numerous articles […]

Indiana Daily Insight | Indianapolis Blog

Indiana Daily Insight is an Indianapolis blog that keeps its readers up to date on important information that affects the state of Indiana, including Indianapolis business, Indianapolis education, and Indianapolis gaming. The blog is run by INGroup Online, a website with a similar goal of providing current, reliable data about Indiana politics and legal information. […]

Howey Political Report | Indianapolis Blog

Howey Political Report Here’s a unique blog written by syndicated columnist Brian Howey. The author is a renowned non-partisan political analyst who cranks out copy about public policy and how it filters down from the high hill in Washington D.C. to affect Hoosiers in Indianapolis. When Brian Howey was fired from the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette […]

Hoosier Access | Indianapolis Blog

Hoosier Access Blog This is a blogging community that reflects the conservative sector of Indianapolis society in an online microcosm. The ideas presented try to enlighten the reader as to the sense and practicality of the politically conservative side of the fence. The folks at Hoosier Access Blog support: A limited government Economic stances that […]

Frugal Hoosiers | Indianapolis Blog

Frugal Hoosiers | Indianapolis Blog Frugal Hoosiers is an important blog written and carried out by young Hoosier Republicans. Begun in 2005, the blog has evolved into an erudite collection of political articles and pertinent comments, as well as a “Poll of the Week,” which addresses current issues in Indianapolis and elsewhere in Indiana. The […]

Citizens for Education | Indianapolis Blog

Citizens for Education – Indianapolis Blog Here is a blog site for every Indianapolis family. If you are in the monumentally important process of raising Indianapolis children, you will already be keenly interested in education in Indianapolis. This blog dedicates itself to enhancing the ways and means of teaching Hoosier kids. Just like the kidlets, […]

Circle City Pundit | Indianapolis Blog

Circle City Pundit – Indianapolis Blog How about a blog specifically directed at Indianapolis sports, politics near and far, and the Indianapolis culture and community in general? This one does all that and in a very hip manner. As clean-looking as it is readable, the Circle City Pundit is a nicely accessible place to stay […]

Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP) | Indianapolis Blog

Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP) | Indianapolis Blog Here is an erudite and interesting blog all about Central Indiana’s business, via the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP). Information is quite pertinent to Indiana economy, and is not limited to Indianapolis, Indiana, though no one would argue that the state is highly affected by business in […]

Building A Better Indiana Blog

Building a Better Indiana – Chamber of Commerce Blog “Building a Better Indiana” is a great interactive blog for those with a real interest in the enhancement of Indianapolis. It is the official Indiana Chamber of Commerce blog, and they call it “the voice of Indiana business,” which definitely centers around business in Indianapolis. Fun […]

The Indianapolis 500 Festival: One Month of Family-Friendly Madness

The Indianapolis 500 Festival in Indianapolis celebrates the cornerstone of Indianapolis sports, the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race (the Indy 500). The city produces a month-long festival every May that attracts half a million visitors each year from all over Indiana, the United States, and the world. Both the Indy 500 and the 500 Festival are […]

Indiana War Memorial Plaza Parks

The Indiana War Memorial, known more formally as the Indiana World War Memorial Plaza Historic District, was constructed in the very center of downtown Indianapolis and doubles as a stunning entrance to the commercial sector of the city from the north. The plaza and all its installations were created to honor those who fought for […]

Holcomb Gardens, Hallowed Halls of Nature at Butler University

The lovely Holcomb Gardens are located on campus at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Butler is the private college that maintains the gorgeous space. The goal is to preserve the representative flora of central Indiana, but you will also spy unusual species if you take the time to wander through these leafy halls. Blooming along […]

Indy Greenways: Indianapolis’ Trail Network

The Indy Greenways constitute the metropolitan recreational trail system which serves to connect Marion County and the metropolis of Indianapolis via walking, jogging and running paths. Maintained and operated conjointly by the Greenways Foundation (an organization that is also helping to fund the Indianapolis Cultural Trail) and Indy Parks, an organization that deals with Indianapolis […]

University Park Downtown Indianapolis Indiana

University Park in downtown Indianapolis is located between New York Street and Vermont Street at the famous Indiana War Memorial Plaza. It was originally scheduled to become the locale of Indiana State University, but ended up being used instead as the first high school in the state. During the Civil War, the property was set […]

Colonel Eli Lilly: Inspiring a Legacy

Born in Maryland in 1838, Colonel Eli Lilly lived in Kentucky, Mississippi, Illinois and Greencastle, Indianabefore settling down to make his fortune in Indianapolis, later becoming one of the most influential residents the great city has ever seen. Creator of Eli Lilly and Company, which went on to become one of the great powerhouses among […]

Reggie Miller Indiana Pacers All-Time Great

Reggie Miller, born in 1965 in Riverside, California, made history as a basketball player for the Indiana Pacers during the 1990s. He is, in fact, deemed to be one of the best NBA league players of that decade and is one of the most famous faces of Indianapolis sports. Miller spent his entire professional basketball […]

David Letterman: World’s Funniest Hoosier

David Letterman, one of the most famous people of Indianapolis, has created a startlingly brilliant career as a talk show host and comedian on television. A native of Indianapolis, Letterman was born there in 1947 and went on to do stand-up comedy and win Emmys for his innovative approach as a host on the television […]

James Whitcomb Riley: Beloved Hoosier Bard

One of the most beloved Hoosiers of all time is James Whitcomb Riley, a poet born in nearby Greenfield, Indiana who spent the last decades of his life in Indianapolis. Known as the Hoosier poet of the people, and also the Children’s Poet, James Whitcomb Riley’s most famous work is his poem called “Little Orphant […]

James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home: A Celebration of a Hoosier Poet

The James Whitcomb Riley Museum is a little bit of Indianapolis history in the center of the Lockerbie section in downtown Indianapolis. This Indianapolis museum, maintained by the Riley Society, which also supports Camp Riley and the Riley Hospital for Children, is kept open to the public so they can see and feel how the […]