Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini-Marathon: Runners, Tie Your Laces!

The Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini-Marathon is an integral part of the Indianapolis 500 Festival. While the 500 Festival is a celebration of fast cars, the Mini-Marathon is a celebration of steady feet. Participants from all over Indiana, the United States, and the world take part in this 13.1 mile race, which is the biggest half-marathon in the nation and ranks fifth among all running events in the United States.


The Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini-Marathon has been running for over thirty years; the first race took place in 1977, and the event officially became a part of the 500 Festival in 1979. The race sells out annually, with participation cresting the 35,000 mark. There are so many runners at this event that it takes 30 minutes for the mob to cross the starting line!

The course for the Mini-Marathon is like a tour of downtown Indianapolis, beginning near Monument Circle. The route passes by the Indianapolis Zoo, White River State Park and IUPUI, and participants actually take a full lap around the track of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Immediately afterward, both participants and spectators alike can enjoy the Post Race Party at beautiful Military Park in the heart of Indianapolis.

Doing Indy video about the Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in Indianapolis, Indiana


If you’re not the running type, don’t worry: there is plenty to keep spectators occupied besides the dramatic endurance trial taking place on the course. Dotting the Mini-Marathon route are over 100 live entertainment events, including local Indianapolis music, performance art, and dance troupes. A wonderful slice of Indianapolis culture is represented, and great art from other areas of the globe is present as well.


All the entertainment is family friendly, and can provide a great experience for Indianapolis kids and parents alike. It’s almost guaranteed that you won’t find a better entertainment package at any other foot race.

The 500 Festival Mini-Marathon is an event unlike any other. Only in Indianapolis can you experience the dramatic spectacle of thousands of competitors from all over the world vying for top spot in a race that takes place over thirteen miles of entertainment, landmarks, and refreshments. It’s one of the top Indianapolis events.

For more information on the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon, head over to the Mini-Marathon’s homepage.