Celebrate Indy Music Origins at the Indianapolis Early Music Festival

When it comes to music in Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Early Music Festival is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the entire year. A month-long celebration of the early musical influences such as Medieval Renaissance, Baroque, and other classic eras, it takes place from mid-June to mid-July each summer at the Basile Opera Center in downtown Indianapolis. The original concentration of the festival was on the major influences of the Baroque era, including famed composers Bach and Vivaldi, and gradually expanded into more recent time periods. Performances are comprised of not only instrumental music, but also solo and choral vocal pieces, and dance routines varying from lively folk steps to slow and fluid ballet performances. Actors from the Indiana Repertory Theater are even incorporated to tie in another element of the arts in Indianapolis. The Early Music Festival is sponsored by the Festival Music Society of Indiana, whose mission is to enhance Indianapolis cultural awareness through sponsoring year-round concerts and lectures that educate, entertain, and enlighten citizens of the Circle City.

In the spirit of education and service, several Indianapolis students have received specialized musical training through the Festival Musical Society of Indiana. Educational components are always incorporated into each performance to maximize public awareness and understanding of the works of famed early musicians. The Society has conducted a series of workshops in historical music and dance, and presented a symposium of the first musical instruments. Interaction between performers and audience is a main component of every performance at the Early Music Festival, where after each show, informal receptions take place to ensure the audience time to mingle with the cast and ask questions. Overall education in Indianapolis has, therefore, greatly benefited from the diligent efforts of the Indianapolis Festival Music Society.

The festival fulfills the mission of every festival here in Indianapolis: to bring about cultural awareness through a variety of fun and enlightening activities that showcase the rich traditions and history of other societies. Culture in Indianapolis is never as alive and thriving as in the warm summer months. If you’re looking for an entertaining and edifying way to spend a sunny afternoon, check out one of the other multiple festivals that populate Indianapolis during the warmer months. The indyFringe Festival is another fun event that highlights the importance of theatre and is a great one for kids in Indianapolis who might need a bit of culture to fill their minds during the months away from school. For a dose of the exotic and to get a taste of several Indianapolis restaurants that aim to fill your palette with more than the traditional hot dogs and hamburgers of the summer, check out the Indy Greek Festival, the Indianapolis Middle Eastern Festival, Fiesta Indianapolis, and the Indianapolis Italian Street Festival. When summer in Indy rolls around, it’s time to prepare your sights and senses for a big dose of culture and enlightenment!

For more information on the Indianapolis Early Music Festival, including dates and times, check out the official website.