Penrod Arts Fair at the IMA

Known as “Indiana’s Nicest Day,” the second Saturday each September in Indianapolis kicks off the Penrod Arts Fair on the beautiful grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

47th Annual penrod-arts-fair-banner

One of the largest single-day art fairs in the nation, the Penrod Arts Fair has held its ground for nearly half a century as one of the best and brightest Indianapolis events. The affair attracts over 30,000 fair-goers each year.

crowds-walk-toward-lilly-house-at-penrod-arts-fair-imaArtists tents lined up with Lilly House in the distance

fair-goers-relax-on-ground-at-47th-annual-penrod-arts-fairWhen it gets hot, some people choose to relax in the shade.

paintings-ondisplay-at-penrod-arts-fairArtists display their paintings at the Penrod Arts Fair


It’s a chance to browse the creations of more than 300 local, regional, and national artists, such as Jake Lee (featured above).

art-of-jake-lee-at-penrod-arts-fairParrots of the Caribbean Perform at the Rock Stage at the Penrod Arts Fair

tyler-mac-performs-at-47th-annual-penrod-arts-fair-indianapolisTyler Mac Performs at the Rock Stage at the 47th Annual Penrod Arts Fair

Multiple stages of entertainment showcase the talents of numerous local, regional and national music acts.


Dozens of nonprofit booths are on-site, offering information on performances, educational opportunities and more.

shaving-cream-and-marbling-childrens-activity-penrod-arts-fairShaving Cream and Marbling Station, located in the Children’s Area

children-play-musical-instruments-at-penrod-arts-fairKids having fun playing musical instruments in the Children’s Area

spin-a-pot-area-at-penrod-arts-fairThe “Spin-a-Pot” Station, located in the Children’s Area

Indianapolis kids even have a place to play–and create–in the fair’s extensive children’s area, which includes gobs of games and crafts, such as the “Spin-a-Pot” station (above).

Hosted by the Penrod Society, the Penrod Art Fair got its start in 1967 when twelve Indy residents pooled their resources to create an event that would enliven and enrich the Indianapolis arts scene, as well as Indianapolis culture.


Proceeds from the fair help support local arts organizations. What started as a modest celebration has grown and grown. Art lovers can expect to do much walking throughout the day.

shuttles-arrive-at-penrod-arts-fairGuests can ride a shuttle from the parking lots of Butler University to the IMA and back again.

treats-at-penrod-arts-fairFood vendors, offering everything from kettle corn to Biscuit Beignets with honey marmalade and other regional homemade treats are there for when you work up an appetite.



Anywhere from 300-350 artists, with original paintings, handcarved boxes, stained-glass frames and more are represented.

room in lilly-house

If you can, though, don’t leave the grounds before at least catching a glimpse of the beautiful gardens at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, spread out over 152 acres. The Oldfields-Lilly House, situated on a 26-acre parcel of land that’s recognized as a National Historic Landmark, is surrounded by sculpted public gardens and fountains, and the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park, currently under development, will eventually offer 100 acres of land ripe for strolling.

fountain-at-lilly-house-imaPencil in an additional day on your things to do in Indianapolis list to head inside to view some of the world’s most famous masterpieces. The IMA houses both permanent and temporary collections of Asian, African, American, and European arts that span centuries and styles. Guests can also catch lectures by visiting collectors, artists, and critics, as well as public classes on art history and research and stage performances. Films for the entire family are also shown outside on the IMA’s grounds during its popular summer film series.

Tickets for the Penrod Art Fair can be purchased in advance or the day of the fair. Parking with shuttle service is available for free, in addition to paid parking.

crowds-walk-the-isles-at-47th-annual-penrod-arts-fair-imaHoosiers enjoying an afternoon at the Penrod Arts Fair

crowds-walk-the-isles-at-penrod-arts-fair-imaCrowd at the Penrod Art Show

Tire Sculpture at the Penrod Art ShowTire Sculpture at the Penrod Art Show

close-up-of-youth-dancing-at-penrod-arts-fairStage at the Penrod Arts Fair

crowd-watches-youth-dancing-at-penrod-arts-fairCrowd watches dancers off in the distance

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