Make Your Home a Haven at the Indianapolis Home Show

If you’re in the market for a new Indianapolis home or simply want to spruce up the one you have, make sure to visit the Indianapolis Home Show. Held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds every year in late January through early February, this is one event in Indianapolis you won’t want to miss. It showcases tips and tricks that you’ll want to remember next time you get the urge to see what Indianapolis real estate has to offer.

The concept of the show was developed by J. Frank Cantwell, who was the first to implement this type of show in the United States. The purpose was to introduce a higher level of innovation and home building to local builders and home purchasers. Cantwell held the position of director of the home show for nearly four decades. Under his direction, the show held design competitions for its luxurious display home, which turned into a major draw for visitors.

Video about the Indianapolis Home Show

In the following years, the Indianapolis Home Show continued to boast its centerpiece home real-life home display, until financial concerns during the Great Depression caused home show organizers to forgo the home display for a more practical garden exhibition instead. The following year, the Indianapolis Real Estate Board chose to relieve itself of sponsorship toward the show. This in turn brought on the formation of Indianapolis Home Show, Inc., which has continued to run the annual event to this day.

Much to home show enthusiast’s dismay, the Indianapolis Home Show was temporarily suspended from 1942 to 1945 due to a shortage of building materials. During this time the fairgrounds was utilized by the army for wartime activities. However, in the mid-forties, the home show returned in all its glory and was pushed into a high level of recognition after that year’s centerpiece home was featured in a nine-page spread in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. That year, the home show also officially changed its name to from the Indianapolis Home Complete Exposition to the Indianapolis Home Show.

The Indianapolis Home Show has it all, with a whole building dedicated to turning your outdoor gardens into an after-work haven. There’s also a green zone, which provides a wealth of tips and information on how to be a champion for the environment while you beautify your home. In addition, there are eco-friendly personal products for sale at the Indianapolis Home Show, along with energy-saving appliances and sustainable energy choices.

Also on tap at the Indianapolis Home Show is everyone’s favorite, the Wine Village. This section puts on display wines from all over the state, allowing you to sample from a wide variety of Indiana’s finest. While the Circle City’s wineries might be great Indianapolis attractions to visit in the warmer months, they’re not quite as enjoyable in the middle of chilly winter. So  why not let the Indianapolis Home Show bring the wines to you?

If you’re into catching glimpses of famous faces in Indianapolis, you’re in luck. Not only will notable Indianapolis personalities most likely be in attendance at the Indiananapolis Home Show, but you can also expect to see celebrities from outside of Indy. HGTV is a nation-wide television channel dedicated to home restoration and repairs that has become an important part of Indianapolis media. You can expect to see some of the station’s very own TV show hosts and design stars at the Indianapolis Home Show each year.

While some might find themselves content to wander and just take in all the sights the Indianapolis Home Show has to offer, others might want a real explanation on how to get their hands dirty. If you’re interested in taking your home renovation project to the next level all by yourself, check out one of the demonstrations put on by the architects and engineers. Each year, they build an impressive structure out of cans, reciting tips and tricks throughout the demonstration.

As with any good Indianapolis art show, the Indianapolis Home Show incorporates a level of elegance the public has come to expect from the Hoosier state. For example, you can make your way through a fully constructed, decorated, and landscaped log home. You’ll be amazed at the level of detail and amount of work put into this unique outdoor home model.

If you’re feeling adventurous this January, head to the Indianapolis home show. You won’t be disappointed with the wealth of tips and tricks from the experts you’ll find. It’s a great event for Indianapolis kids too; there are games and contests, and of course, plenty of food to keep them entertained all day while you’re browsing.

For more information on show dates and times, check out the official Indianapolis Home Show website.