Gaia Winery: Fruit of the Grape in Downtown Indianapolis

Gaia Winery is the 19th winery to sprout up in the great vineyard-friendly countryside of Indiana. The winery is located in the middle of downtown Indianapolis in the artsy Mass Ave district, one of six distinct cultural districts in Indianapolis.

Through various tried and true offerings, such as their private tasting rooms and  three tasting bays, a banquet area for private Indianapolis events and corporate functions, and tours of the facilities, Gaia Winery brings to the center of the busy metropolitan city of Indianapolis the pleasant and unique experience of good wine in all its glory.

Imagine attending an important seminar of like-minded Indianapolis businesses in the downtown Indiana Convention Center, then coming out into the light of day with some newly made acquaintances. What better way to further network than in one of Gaia Winery’s private tasting rooms, over an array of the fruit of the grape? Entering into the winery in the middle of the fast-paced urban sector is like visiting the Old Country on a balmy summer’s day.

Gaia has on hand their “artisan-crafted” award winning wines, as well as a surprising selection of gourmet dainties, decanters, gifts, glassware and even clothing and antiques. Angee Alberry, Gaia’s “cellar master,” has likewise gathered many awards for her acumen in the art of wine-making. She is the very first female owner of an Indiana winery, and Gaia Wines, in fact, is the one and only winery in the entire United States that is operated only by women.

Wine-tasting and puttering around wineries are often favorite things to do in Indianapolis. Take a trip to the Old Country today by visiting Gaia’s; it will be sure to warm you up.

Gaia Winery
608 Massachusetts Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204-1651

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