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Amanda Overmyer: Solidifying Her Legacy in Indianapolis Music

Former American Idol star and current Indianapolis music icon Amanda Overmyer wasn’t always a rising star in Hollywood and around the United States. After graduating from Ivy Tech Community College with a nursing degree, she began a successful nursing career in Indiana, her beloved home state. It’s true, for years she had been a lover […]

The Why Store: Still Questioning After Twenty Years

In the late 1980’s, Ball State University students Greg Gardner and Michael David Smith decided that Muncie, Indiana needed a little musical pick me up. Joining forces with a drummer from Indianapolis, Graig Adams, the group became known as Emerald City after picking up the talents of vocalist Chris Shaffer. In 1992, Adams was replaced […]

Indianapolis Musical Organizations: Making Music Thrive

The American Pianists Association in Indianapolis offers fellowships for talented pianists to bridge the gap between training programs and a professional career. The Anderson Symphony Orchestra is one of Indianapolis’ many professional orchestras that perform for and enrich Indianapolis society. It is a first rate musical society making valuable contributions to Indianapolis music, Indianapolis performing […]

Indianapolis Bands: Rock, Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Everything Else

In Indianapolis, there’s never a shortage of new sounds to groove, mosh, thrash, dance, bob your head, tap your toes, or sing out loud to. From cover bands to cutting edge experimental shoegaze groups, Indianapolis music has everything your tune loving heart might desire. You’ll always be able to find some new group of talented […]

The Melody Inn

In 1935, The Melody Inn opened its doors and Indianapolis nightlife was never to be the same again. Often appearing as a contestant in Nuvo Magazine’s “Best of Indy” contest, The Melody Inn is an┬áIndianapolis bar offering great drinks and a different live music show every night. The Melody Inn is one of the best […]

Shinky: Making a Lasting Connection in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is home to a wide range of bands that exhibit different styles, techniques, and motives, from the vocal sheen of pop artist Jon McLaughlin to the down and dirty junk rock of Sloppy Seconds. Shinky, an Indianapolis music group, is part of the Circle City‘s long and venerable tradition of excellent genre bending music. […]

In the Face of War: Dark Underground of Kokomo

Small town Indiana has a dark underground. On the surface, the Hoosier state looks like a land of blue skies and nodding stalks of corn, friendly neighbors and tractor pulls. Underneath this tranquil skin, however, lies a beast that thrives in basements, in dimly lit bars, in empty warehouses on Friday and Saturday night. Here, […]

Rich Hardesty: Feel Good Indianapolis Music

Fusing influences as diverse as Bob Marley, the Grateful Dead, and Frank Sinatra, Rich Hardesty makes music that’s designed put a smile on your face and a happy feeling in your heart. Hardesty hails from Fortville, Indiana, a small town about 25 miles northeast of Indianapolis. Indianapolis music fans and people from all over the […]

Jamaal Tinsley | Indiana Pacers Point Guard, a Talented Problem Child

Jamaal Tinsley, point guard for the Indiana Pacers out of Indianapolis, seems to be out of wind, out of sail and out of luck, at least for a while. Attitude problems and more have caused the Pacers to remove his name from what used to be his locker. A talented athlete, Tinsley might just go […]

Bayh ready for 2010 Senate race

Evan Bayh will file paperwork on Wednesday showing that he has more than $12 million in campaign money on hand for his re-election bid.

The Elms: Down Home Indiana Rock

It’s not often that a bunch of Hoosiers are able to take the national stage by storm while still using the canvas of small town United States as their muse. Sure, music acts like Flynnville Train and John McLaughlin continue to use a little of their Indiana background in their songwriting and have garnered a […]

Connersvine: Heartfelt Worship Duo in Indianapolis

What do Indianapolis sports, Indianapolis media, and Indianapolis music have in common? The answer is Connersvine, a Christian influenced acoustic duo that is signed with INO Records. Connersvine is comprised of two members, Chris Wilson and Hunter Smith, who on face value seem like they should be diametrically opposed. Chris Wilson is an artsy, introverted, […]

Ads to run promoting baby sleep safety

The state says it will run public service announcements across Indiana promoting safe sleeping practices for parents of babies.

Local input sought on health care reform

For the next couple of weeks, volunteers will be knocking on doors and calling, seeking input on health care reform. Members of Organizing for America are phoning Indianapolis, Indiana residents looking for support for President Obama’s health care reform.

Wabash National Corporation: Indiana Trucking Magnate

Wabash National Corporation makes and markets truck trailers and a raft of related products in the transportation equipment industry. Trading on the New York Stock exchange under the profile symbol “WNC,” the company is one of the 50 largest public businesses in Indiana. The folks at Wabash National are proud of their company’s enormous success, […]

The Blood Reckoning: Punishing Kokomo Death Metal

Indianapolis is home to a lot of raging music. The Emerson Theatre and other Indianapolis music venues are regular hosts to hardcore bands, metal bands, metalcore bands, punk bands, and all sorts of other misfits, freaks, and outcasts that strike terror into the hearts of polo shirt wearing, luxury car driving “normal” people. Kokomo, Indiana […]

Symmetry Medical Inc: Precision, Perfection and Poetry in Medical Instrumentation

Symmetry Medical Inc. is at the forefront of the medical instruments, implants and orthopedics industries. They also make specialized aerospace products. They are justifiably proud of their services, as well as their ability to offer a one-source solution team representing multiple disciplines. Whatever the customer’s unique needs in this rapidly-growing, essential marketplace, Symmetry Medical can […]

Andrew Young: Meaningful Indianapolis R&B

Andrew Young is a multi-talented credit to Indianapolis art and the Indianapolis music scene. His satin coated voice has graced advertisements for a myriad of companies, including Tropicana Hotels, Cellular One, and L.S. Ayres. He’s been an advertising salesman for Indianapolis media outlets and the national music media, including MTV, BET, and VH1. But it’s […]

Flynnville Train: The Next Generation of Indiana Country

Hailing from Muncie, Indiana, home of Ball State University, country rockers Flynnville Train are anything but your Top 40 country band. The group, which often plays in Indianapolis music circles, combines influences as diverse as Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Cash on their quest to simultaneously get back to the roots of country music and evolve […]

Totally Michael: Casually Satisfying Dance Pop

What do you get when you combine a bee suit, an electric guitar, tons of synth, and a guy named Michael? The answer is Bloomington, Indiana‘s Totally Michael, a one man party that has hit it off with Indianapolis music fans and people around the entire United States who love a good time. Bloomington is […]