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Indiana Is Home: Assistance for Homeownership

Indiana is Home is a website organized by the Indiana Association of REALTORS® with the intent of helping future and current homeowners in the state of Indiana. Hosted by popular television anchor Pat Carlini, Indiana is Home provides useful information on various topics related to Indianapolis real estate homeownership. First-time homebuyers will find this site […]

Boost Your Management Skills Conferences

Two seminars produced at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce this month focus on time management and leadership skills: Tomorrow, September 1, 2009, at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce in the Conference Center, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, an event called “Time Management Workshop” is being offered by Comprehensive Performance Systems. The cost to members […]

broken fragile mind: Another Motus Dance Theatre Hit

If you have ever had the privilege of watching Motus Dance Theatre in action than you already know that they never do anything half-assed. Their pieces are always powerful, thought provoking and intense. The Motus offering for this year’s indyFringe Festival, broken fragile mind, is all of these and more. If you want to see true art […]

Locals Roll up Their Sleeves for Day of Caring

Central Indiana‘s United Way “Day of Caring” was well-represented in Indianapolis yesterday by the Roche Diagnostics employees,  more than 30 of them. They hauled mulch, painted jungle gyms, built benches and accomplished a real face-lift for Indianapolis Public School 56. The Day of Caring is the United Way’s kickoff event for their yearly campaigns to […]

Simple Joys: Unique Fringe Offering

Simple Joys, by Jennifer K. Sutton, now playing at Theatre on the Square as part of the indyFringe Theater Festival, was the most unique Fringe shows I saw. Sutton is interested in exploring simplicity, and asks her audience to slow down with her for a moment as she reminds of how enjoyable little things can […]

Blunder Construction: A Fringe Favorite

Blunder Construction, starring Brent McCoy, is now playing at the Theatre on the Square as part of the indyFringe Theatre Festival. You may have seen McCoy on the cover of this week’s NUVO Newsweekly, as did everyone else in the audience on Friday night. McCoy, of Greensboro, Vermont, played his one man juggling, balancing and […]

The Rise of General Arthur: A Must See Gem

The Rise of General Arthur, now playing at the Phoenix Theatre as part of the indyFringe Theater Festival, is an updated version of the King Arthur legend. But here is the twist, Phillip Low, the writer and performer, has chosen to tell only a fraction of the tale, through the eyes of a simple soldier […]

Indiana Association of REALTORS® (IAR)

Supporting over 18,000 REALTORS® across the state of Indiana, the Indiana Association of REALTORS® (IAR) encourages the professional development of those involved with the sale, exchange or lease of Indiana real estate. Established in 1913, the Indiana Association of REALTORS® presents an avenue for its members to study and communicate with one another. It also provides the […]

Your Go-To Restaurants During the Second Annual Indianapolis MotoGP

If you’re attending this weekend’s Second Annual Red Bull MotoGP events, you will likely find yourself in the downtown Indianapolis section as often as the site of the motorcycle races.  The MotoGP racing activities occur on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the Indy suburb of Speedway, Indiana, as well as on the Indiana State Fairgrounds. […]

Gwen Stacy Signs With Solid State Records

In a move that is sure to propel their burgeoning career out of the Indianapolis bubble, Gwen Stacy recently signed to Christian label Solid State Records. The Indianapolis band, which specializes in metalcore with a message, has been enjoying the success of their debut full length, The Life I Know, since 2008. The album’s frenetic […]

Second Annual MotoGP Kick-starts Off this Weekend in Downtown Indianapolis and Speedway

And they’re off! In a motorcycle cavalcade parade down Meridian Street in downtown, Indianapolis. To open the long-anticipated Indianapolis event, “Downtown, Inc.,” the community group that watches over downtown Indy, organized a welcoming celebration, making sure there was a clear pathway through the heart of the Circle City for the Indianapolis Moto GP motorcyclist participants […]

Thurgoode: Fringe First Timer

Thurgoode, playing at Theatre on the Square as part of the 2009 indyFinge Festival, follows the story of a young girl afflicted by multiple personality disorder. This 2009 indyFringe show has lofty goals for itself as it attempts to tackle one of the most difficult subjects in psychology. The daily trials and tribulations of young […]

The Short List of the Best Yuppie Neighborhoods in Indianapolis

Young and up-and-coming professionals who are relocating, or are already residents of Indianapolis and contemplating a move here, may benefit from perusing the following list of neighborhoods. These sectors, considered by many to be the most advantageous in the Circle City for young professionals, have been culled from a longer list and included for their […]

Welcome to Blanksville: Riotous Improv

Welcome to Blanksville is a laugh riot improv show now playing at the Phoenix Theatre as part of the indyFringe Theatre Festival. Blanksville is produced by the well known IndyProv improv troupe of Indianapolis. In their choose your own adventure show, they prepare to take the audience down an practically endless number of journeys. Welcome […]

murder, hope: Collage Theatre in Indianapolis

murder, hope is an eclectic and truly original piece by Becky Poole now playing at Theatre on the Square as part of the indyFringe Theatre Festival. Poole melds poetry, song, movement and monologue as she attempts to decode the brain. Poole who is in Indianapolis from New York City demonstrates innovation that is so far […]

Indianapolis Music Concerts This Weekend: Karaoke, Jazz, and The Moody Blues

Summer is winding down, and residents of Indianapolis are rushing to get in all their last minute Indianapolis music kicks before Old Man Winter buries Indianapolis nightlife under a blanket of snow. But don’t worry too much; the Circle City still has all fall to flex its musical muscles.   The last weekend in August […]

Crossing the Bridge Is a 2009 Must See

When you enter one of the indyFringe Festival venues you never know what to expect, shows range from the sub-par to the sublime. Crossing the Bridge, presented by the Leonix Movement Theatre Ensemble, is by far one of the latter. From the opening few minutes to the final scene the audience is struck with the […]

Lovers Lane

Road 334, near Zionsville, Indiana, harbors a dark, bloody past. This road leads to the tranquil spot just a few miles from Indianapolis that used to be known as “Lovers Lane.” Back in the carefree 1950s, this area was anything but peaceful. Its deeply disturbing past has earned it the distinction of one of the most haunted […]

Neighborhood Exploration Tour for Cyclists (NExT)

PRESS RELEASE: The Inaugural Neighborhood Exploration Tour (NExT) offers cyclists an opportunity to explore fifteen miles of Indianapolis neighborhoods. On Saturday, September 26, 2009, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the Indiana State Fair, the Indianapolis Art Center, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) are sponsoring an inaugural community bike ride called Neighborhood Exploration Tour […]

Second Annual Red Bull Indianapolis MotoGP

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is going to see some great professional motorcycle action this weekend, when MotoGP mounts their grand finale in its last United States destination. Speedway is a suburb of Indianapolis, capital of Indiana. The MotoGP is one of three classes of premier class motorcycle racing, the other two are the 125cc and […]