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Foreclosure Options: Should You Consider a Short Sale For Your Indianapolis Home?

In February, 2009, the Obama Administration introduced a program to help United States homeowners avoid foreclosure. This program, called Making Homes Affordable, intended to assist upwards of 5 million homeowners in a distressed situation be able to keep their homes and have foreclosure options. As of early fall of the same year, the Obama Administration […]

Ike and Jonesy’s Restaurant’s a Party for a Whole Year

One of the most popular locales for Indianapolis nightlife, Ike & Jonesy’s Restaurant, kicked off a full year of serious partying last week to celebrate its 25-year anniversary. Staying alive for 25 years is an accomplishment, especially for an Indianapolis restaurant in bustling downtown Indianapolis. For Ike and Jonesy’s, success could be due to the […]

14th Annual Indy Irish Fest Starts Friday

Coming up this weekend from Friday, September 18 through Sunday, September 20, the 14th Annual Indy Irish Fest convenes in one of the favorite gathering spots for Indianapolis festivals, Military Park. Celebrating the famous diversity that makes Indianapolis culture such a strong force in Indiana and the nation, the 14th Annual Indy Irish Fest attracts […]

Indianapolis Home Sales Decline While Nationwide Statistics Indicate Real Estate Market Improving

While those looking for homes in today’s Indianapolis real estate market are still nervous about the state of the economy in Indiana, across the nation things are looking up. So even though our stock market still may be shaky, this improvement in our housing market bodes well for the United States economy overall because it […]

Obama Backs Making Homes Affordable Program to Help Indianapolis Residents Avoid Foreclosure

Everyone is concerned about the rate of foreclosures in the Indianapolis real estate market and across Indiana. There are still many Indianapolis homes for sale that are in a distressed state. Because of this, nationwide initiatives are being formed to move us out of this crisis. Initiated to focus on the primary issues behind the […]

How to Rent-to-Own: Navigating the Alternate Way to Owning an Indianapolis Home

In the Indianapolis real estate market, as with other markets around the United States, the rent-to-own home provides an interesting option for today’s buyers. Like other states around our nation, Indiana‘s economy has struggled in recent years and especially for those who have had financial difficulty, owning a home seems out of the question. But […]

Foreclosure Impact on Indianapolis Homes

Overall, the Indianapolis real estate market may be looking up because the decline in home sales is beginning to decrease. However, the average owner whose home is not in distress is having difficulty maintaining market values in Indiana due to the foreclosure impact. Several factors have caused this negative effect on market values including a […]

Broker Listing Cooperative (BLC)

Those buyers who have looked for and sellers who have listed Indianapolis homes for sale with a REALTOR® have either marketed their own homes or researched homes listed on the Broker Listing Cooperative (BLC). Previously referred to as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the term Broker Listing Cooperative was adopted to better define the system […]

George Rickey Sculpture: an Evolution

Have you been to downtown Indianapolis lately? Within a thirteen-block area of the center of the Circle City, a special exhibition of George Rickey sculpture is your downtown eye candy through September 17, this coming Thursday. The Indianapolis art community and the arts council organize similar rotating shows to decorate downtown and the lives of […]