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Fishers Home Sales Up for 4th Consecutive Month

April, 2010 marked the fourth consecutive month that home sales rose in Fishers, Indiana. After taking a nose dive to just 62 sales in December of 2009 the total number of homes sold has risen steadily each month, reaching a total of 159 in April. This is a 22.3-percent increase from last April’s total of […]

Franklin Homes Sales Down 32.6 Percent Versus Last April

Since reaching a 15-month low of just 20 sales in December of 2009 the total number of homes sold has not once moved in a negative direction. The most recent example of this sustained momentum could be seen as sales climbed from a total of 29 in March to 31 in April. While this is […]

Greenfield Pending Sales Soar 45 percent in April

The total number homes sold in Greenfield, Indiana dropped 5.6 percent, from 36 in March to 34 in April. But this statistic comes with big, fat asterisk, namely, because there was such a large, off-setting increase in the total number of pending sales, from 40 the previous month to 58 in April–an increase of 45 […]

Greenwood Homes Sales Up 31.5 Percent in April

From a 1-year perspective, pending sales in Greenwood, Indiana were up 11.6 percent as there were just 118 pending sales in April of 2009. Meanwhile, the total number of pending sales dropped 5.8 percent, from 139 in March to 131 in April, 2010. This drop, however, was more than offset by a 31.5-percent increase in […]

Indianapolis Real Estate Market on the Right Track in April

With several key indicators moving in a positive direction the Indianapolis real estate market was on the right track in April, 2009. Starting with the total number of homes sold, from 983 completed sales in March compared to 1037 in April there was an increase of 5.5 percent. This is an even greater increase of […]

Martinsville Real Estate Market Rumbles Ahead in April

Since falling into the gutter with just 13 sales in January of 2010, Martinsville home sales have continued on a more or less linear path of improvement, rising from 14 sales in February to 22 in March, and most recently, to 31 in April. This is a remarkable 120-percent improvement since January and a 40.9-percent […]

Noblesville Real Estate Market Improves in All the Right Ways in April

Since awakening from a January real estate coma the Noblesville, Indiana market has continued to show signs of improvement in virtually every meaningful statistical category. Starting with the total number of homes sold, there were 114 close sales in April compared to 103 in March—an increase of 10.7 percent. Even more remarkable is the fact […]

The Mousetrap: Peace, Love, and Free Music

Broad Ripple Village is the Indianapolis cultural district of choice for artists, hippies, hipsters, musicians, and other Indianapolis arts purveyors, rivaled only by fellow cultural district Mass Ave. As such, it only make sense that the “best bar for hippies” (according to NUVO Newsweekly‘s annual Best of Indy poll) is located right on the main […]

Spotlight Players Theatre Opens “Rabbit Hole” Friday

It can’t be said that Spotlight Players Theatre is afraid of challenging dramatic fare. Past shows this season such as Doubt and The Zoo Story are challenging pieces of modern theatre meant to elicit conversation among audience and producers. Their latest dramatic undertaking delves deep into family drama in David Lindsay-Abaire’s Rabbit Hole, which examines the […]

IVCI Laureates in Concert at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Each weekend the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra offer Indianapolis music a taste of classical favorites. Sharing the talents of some of Indianapolis brightest artists, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra constantly endeavours to enhance Indianapolis art. This weekend the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra presents IVCI Laureates in Concert, a showcase of previous winners of the International Violin Competition. Thursday, […]

Evans Woollen: To Build in Context

Art comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and forms. It can be as simple as a pencil sketch on a napkin or as intricate as a fifty year old building. The Indianapolis Museum of Art has a mission to explore all kinds of art. Thursday, June 3, 2010, architecture as art is the topic of […]

AFI comes to Indy

Concert season is heating up in Indianapolis music. Whether at Verizon Wireless Music Center, the Lawn at White River State Park, Clowes Memorial Hall or the Old National Theatre (formerly the Murat), touring rock groups will flock to the Circle City in the next few months. This Wednesday, June 2 the Old National Theatre welcomes […]

Après Jack’s: A Refined Retreat With Music, Cognac, and Conversation

If you’re looking for a place to get away from noise and energy of downtown Indianapolis, a place with dim lighting, drinks any liquor connoisseur would drool over, and a chill ambiance, the place to be is Après Jack’s, a martini and cognac bar located on the north side of Indianapolis. Après Jack’s is a part […]

Robbing the Bank: Bohemian Style Collaborative Art Fest Unites Mass Ave

Art is something that should be accessible to all people; it’s a medium that can translate complex personal issues into something you can touch, something you can hear, or something you can see. Anybody can create art, but lots of people don’t try because they don’t have the time or they don’t think they have […]

Review: The Great American Trailer Park Musical

The term “trailer park” brings many images to mind for the average American: neatly lined portable housing painted in bright colors, tornado torn neighborhoods bearing ravaged scars from the storm, lawn ornaments, tenants with bad hair or missing teeth, the list goes on and on. Whether these stereotypes are true or not is not the […]

Indianapolis 500 Carb Day: A Photo Blog

Here at we’ve shown you what it’s like to attend Fast Friday and Pole Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, located in Speedway, Indiana.  Now we bring you a visual trip through what is possibly the biggest single-day party in all of Indianapolis, Indiana (excluding Race Day, of course).  With multiple events appealing to […]