LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails: Downtown Atmosphere, North Side Accessibility

In Central Indiana, it doesn’t get much glitzier than the bright lights of downtown Indianapolis. Several exclusive Indianapolis bars and clubs line the streets surrounding Monument Circle, glamorous venues with pricey cocktails, sophisticated patrons, pulsing beats, and the refined chaos of the upper crust of Indianapolis society out for a night on the town. What a lot of people don’t realize, however, is that you can get the downtown Indianapolis experience virtually all over the Circle City; on the north side of Indianapolis, LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails is the best place to go to live the Indianapolis nightlife dream without taking the traffic filled drive into downtown.

Video of American Cheese rapping at LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails on the north side of Indianapolis


LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails, located on the north side of Indy on Union Chapel Road at the Fashion Mall at Keystone Crossing, is a refined Indianapolis restaurant and bar in the vein of upscale establishments like Blu Lounge, Club Level Bar, TRU Nightclub, and ICE Ultra Lounge. LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails has been in business for over ten years, and time and again this Indianapolis business has proven itself as one of the ritziest venues in the area. With two VIP rooms that ooze style and class, an always packed dance floor, and a delicious cocktail menu, LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails is a hidden gem in Indianapolis.

LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails is mostly known for its unique menu. Replete with Jamaican and Indian cuisine, LuLu’s Restaurant is a one of a kind dining venue in the Circle City. During lunch, patrons are invited to sample a variety of tantalizing dishes at LuLu’s lunch buffet, including several different varieties of curry, jerk chicken, pork, oxtail soup, and more. At dinner, the buffet disappears and is replaced by a scrumptious list of entrees, including red snapper and hot peppered shrimp. A meal at LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails is an excellent Indianapolis thing to do to start your party at the dance club.

Doing Indy video: “A Girl’s Guide to the North Side,” featuring LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails, a club and bar in Indianapolis


While the restaurant portion of LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails is what brings people in to this Indianapolis business, it’s LuLu’s role as an Indianapolis music venue that hooks patrons permanently. With live Indianapolis bands and DJ’s every weekend, LuLu’s is always jumping. The Indianapolis bar has a massive dance floor and kicks out plenty of chill beats for revelers to shake their groove thing to. LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails is all about Indianapolis music, so their house DJ’s are all local Indianapolis artists. DJ Orion is probably the most well known of the DJ’s at LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails; he’s opened for Simple Plan, Chris Brown, Kelly Clarkson, Liz Phair, and more.

Regular Indianapolis events keep music fresh and interesting at LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails each week. On Thursday nights, DJ Orion spins original dance beats while blending in the hits you want to hear; drink specials rope in Indianapolis people by the hundreds on Thursday, with ridiculously cheap $5 martinis and Irish car bombs. Sunday nights feature Sunday School, a weekly reggae night with rotating guest artists and DJ’s Music Master and Top Class bringing out the Rasta in you. Along with The Casba, LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails is one of the few places you can hear reggae in Indianapolis, so if you’re an islander at heart, LuLu’s might be the place for you.

Video of a fire eater performing behind the bar at LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails, a club on the north side of Indianapolis


Downtown Indianapolis may feature the most exclusive clubs and the most refined nightlife hotspots, but you can get a similar downtown experience at LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails on the north side of Indianapolis, near Castleton. This VIP style Indianapolis club can cater to your every need, from the elegantly gourmet dishes available to the frenetic dancing and music that goes on every night at LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails. Some of the best house DJ’s in Indy, constant special events, and cheap drink specials make LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails a fun downtown-style getaway far from the hustle and bustle of Monument Circle.

LuLu’s Restaurant and Cocktails
8487 Union Chapel Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46240

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