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Real Estate Report: Zionsville the Statistical Victor in May, 2010

The town of Zionsville, Indiana was indeed in the minority in the category of total sales. The total number of homes sold rose 27.3 percent, from 33 in April to 42 in May, 2010. Compared to a total of 49 sales in May of 2009, however, this was a 14.3 percent decrease. Still, this is […]

Westfield Home Sales Down as Total Listings Rise

What stands out most from the Westfield real estate data is the reverse directions of lines representing total listings and total sales, with the latter heading in a negative direction for the first time in 4 months. Maybe this had something to do with the recently expired federal tax credit for new home purchases. Whatever […]

Plainfield Real Estate Market Stands Apart as Sales Increase Significantly

The Plainfield real estate market stood somewhat apart from other nearby central Indiana cities that suffered a significant drop in total pending sales. It’s not that Plainfield, Indiana didn’t suffer a serious drop in pending sales; it did. But this drop was accompanied by a significant increase in the total number of closed sales as […]

Chilling Chatham Arch-Lockerbie Ghost Walk

Chills and thrills abound as Historic Indiana Ghost Walks offers a tour of the ghosts of the Chatham Arch and Lockerbie neighborhoods in Indianapolis downtown. Saturday, July 17 at 9:00 pm the Chatham Arch Lockerbie ghost tour gets underway with an adventurous group of Indianapolis people. Tickets to this Indianapolis event are $15.00 for adults […]

Indianapolis International Film Festival This Weekend: Fine Films and Fun

The Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Indy Film Festival have teamed up to bring Indianapolis people the 2010 Indianapolis International Film Festival July 15 to 25. This exciting Indianapolis event offers ten solid days of independent and internationally acclaimed films. This Indianapolis festival hosted by the IMA is another week of world class independent […]

Animals and All That Jazz

Thursdays in July and August of 2010 are full of entertainment at the Indianapolis Zoo. Relax and unwind with a cool summer Indianapolis music event featuring jazzy music and with exotic animals as scenery. Animals and All That Jazz at the Indianapolis Zoo starts July 15, 2010 and happens every Thursday in Indianapolis downtown until […]

Pop Royal Lady Gaga Performs at Conseco Fieldhouse July 15

The phenomenon that is Lady Gaga hits Indianapolis this week, invading Indianapolis music with great dance beats and avante garde spectacle. This infamous singer songwriter, known for her original and outlandish performance style, brings a new kind of flavor to Indianapolis art Thursday. Catch Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis downtown […]

Indianapolis Real Estate Market Cools with Onset of Summer

The Indianapolis real estate market cooled a bit during May, 2010. Considering that every single township in the city experienced a drop in total pending sales, the question is not whether this key stat dropped but by how much. The total number of pending sales city-wide dropped 54.4 percent, from 1393 in April to just […]

Noblesville Suffers 58-Percent Drop in Pending Sales

If you were a real estate professional working in Noblesville in May, 2010 chances are you weren’t entirely thrilled with what happened to your pipeline. That’s because the total number of pending sales—i.e., those things that eventually turn into commission checks, thereby enabling you to survive and feed your family—dropped an inconvenient 58 percent, from […]

Mooresville Total Pending Sales Total Cut in Half in May, 2010

The total number of Mooresville homes for sale rose 10.5 percent, from 19 in April to 21 in May, 2010. Compared to last May’s total of 158 this was an increase of 7.6 percent. Also on the rise—barely—was the total number of Mooresville homes for sale, from 169 in April to 170 in May. Compared […]

Review: Reasons To Be Pretty

What are your reasons to be pretty? Is it because your boyfriend just referred to your face as regular, and you found out? Is it to catch the eye of the new busty blond at work? Do you dress to impress a cheating spouse or a first date or even dress down to make them […]