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Indianapolis Makes List of Most Improved Housing Markets in June, 2010

The Indianapolis real estate market took a serious blow in May following the expiration of the federal tax credit for new home purchases. Pending sales totals in all townships were sent hurtling downward in what appeared to be the beginning of a new slump, and when the market would recover was anyone’s guess. While conclusive […]

Funky 60s Musical: Hair July, 2010

The 1960s changed the United States in a dramatic way. As the American subconcsous was torn between war and love, a new counter culture emerged to dominate trends and revolutions of the time. Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical not only changed the way we think of musicals but also the content and context of […]

Free: Summer Fun at Indianapolis Parks (July 20 to 25)

Indy Parks and Recreation is all about creating those special Summer memories that last a lifetime. That is why this Indianapolis organization has created a whole menu of FREE to affordable Summer fun to bring families and friends together. Concerts and film galore fill grassy knolls across the city with Indianapolis people, their blankets and […]

A Grand Night For Singing at Actors Theatre of Indiana at Carmel

Music and theatre have been intertwined since the dawn of performance. Nobody understood this better than Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, who revolutionized the American musical. The Actor’s Theatre of Indiana celebrates Rodgers and Hammerstein’s achievements with A Grand Night for Singing, an Indianapolis theatre and music event. Tickets to this Indianapolis event are $20.00 […]

Pike Township Real Estate: 3 Months Steady Improvement Wiped Out in May, 2010

Three months of steady improvement for the Pike Township Real estate market was basically wiped out in May, 2010. Starting with the total number of homes sold, there was a 3.5-percent drop, from 115 sales in April to 111 in May. This figure remained unchanged versus May, 2009. Meanwhile, total pending sales nose-dived 61-percent, from […]

Top Hats, Tales and Tea Parties at the Benjamin Harrison Home

Story time brings parents and kids together almost every night, transporting them to magical far away lands and teaching important life lessons. But what if story time can transport Indianapolis people and their Indianapolis kids through time? The Benjamin Harrison Home north of Indianapolis downtown presents Top Hats, Tales and Tea Parties Wednesday, July 28 […]

Washington Township Pending Sales Take Nose Dive in May, 2010

The total number of homes sold in Washington Township rose 8.8 percent, from 181 in April to 197 in May, 2010. Compared to last May this was an even bigger increase of 22.4 percent. Somewhat overshadowing this good news, however, was the fact that the total number of pending sales was down a hefty 57.6 […]

Indians Blow Big Lead as IronPigs Feast on Bullpen

The Indianapolis Indians were back at Victory Field for the first time in two weeks as they welcomed the Lehigh Valley IronPigs to the Circle City for a four-game series. This was the Tribe’s longest stay away from downtown Indianapolis thanks to the Triple-A All-Star game that was held this past week in Allentown, Pa. […]

Review: Mind Tripping Magic Act at the Hilton Hotel in Indianapolis Downtown

Lounge acts aren’t something Indianapolis theatre sees much of these days, but this once popular phenomenon still reigns in glitzy places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City. In an attempt to revive this seemingly lost art, the Hilton Hotel in Indianapolis downtown invites Indianapolis people to be part of its newest lounge act. Mind Tripping, […]