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Mordecai Brown Grave in Terre Haute, Indiana

Major League Baseball star Mordecai Brown is frequently visited at his gravesite in Terre Haute, Indiana. The Chicago Cubs won two pennants and two World Series while Mordecai Brown was pitching for them. He’s perhaps most famous for his performance in the 1908 World Series, when he pitched no runs for 11 innings and won […]

Brown County State Park in Nashville, Indiana

Indiana State Parks don’t get any bigger or better than the Brown County State Park in Nashville, Indiana. It stretches on for 15,696-acres, making it the largest Indiana park by far. The rugged terrain of the southern Hoosier State makes this an excellent day trip destination for hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders. It features […]

Wyandotte Caves in Leavenworth, Indiana

Spelunking is a favorite Hoosier pastime in southern Indiana. Wyandotte Caves have been forming for more than 3,000 years in Leavenworth, only a three hour drive from Indianapolis. This Indiana business opened to the public in the 1850s, when Henry P. Rothrock learned about the tourism potential of his acreage. Management of the caves remained […]

Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana

Record breaking waterslides and world famous roller coasters attract thrill seekers from all over the glove to this Indiana attraction. Holdiay World and Splashin’ Safari has been entertaining Hoosier families for decades. This Indiana park lives up to its name, featuring four main themes throughout the park. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July and Christmas are […]

Tis the Season: Indianapolis Colts Begin Training Camp

Memorial Day and the Indianapolis 500 has come and gone. The sparkler-filled Fourth of July weekend is in the rearview mirror, and the dog days of summer have officially commenced. Other than intense heat, back-to-school shopping, and dying grass, the month of August brings central Indiana one other guarantee. The beginning of FOOTBALL SEASON! The […]

Johnson County Museum of History in Franklin, Indiana

Indiana history is well preserved in small towns, because many of them have fabulous historical museums with collections that began in the early 1900s or before. The Johnson County Museum of History dates back as far as 1923, when the county centennial placed exhibits n store front windows throughout town. In 1931, the Daughters of […]

Hazelton Mansion in Brook, Indiana

Famous Indiana author, journalist and playwright George Ade lived in the northwestern Hoosier town of Brook in Newton County. The antique homestead is known as the Hazelton Mansion, located just two hours from Indianapolis. The George Ade Home Association owns and operates the historic house, which they restored after it was vacant for 20 years. […]

The Grave of Jane Todd Crawford in Graysville, Indiana

Jane Todd Crawford went down in medical history in the early 1800s. She and her husband Thomas Crawford lived briefly in Green County, Kentucky, where began experiencing abdominal pain. Doctors thought her large stomach growth could be a pregnancy with twins. After trying to induce her labor, it was finally discovered that the small life […]