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Want To Win A SuperBowl Trip or Meet Payton Manning?

WANT TO WIN A SUPERBOWL TRIP? WANT TO MEET PEYTON MANNING? HOW ABOUT COLTS TICKETS? Give to United Way of Central Indiana TWO WAYS TO WIN Contribute a new gift of $100 or increase last year’s gift by $100 (give online or through your employer). * You could win a grand prize trip for two to […]

Indianapolis Music Events 9/30 to 10/3: The National, Owen Pallett, Eric Johnson, Punk Rock Night’s 10th Anniversary

This weekend in Indianapolis music, three guitar masters converge on Clowes Memorial Hall, High Violet meets high fantasy at the Old National Centre (formerly the Murat Centre), and Punk Rock Night adds a few grey hairs with their tenth anniversary. As usual in Indianapolis, there are plenty of shades on the musical kaleidoscope this weekend, […]

October Events at Garfield Park: Fun, Affordable, and Educational

Everybody knows that Garfield Park and the Garfield Park Conservatory and Sunken Gardens are a popular spot in Indianapolis year round. This Indianapolis park contains all sorts of examples of natural beauty, from Indiana and beyond. The park itself, located conveniently in downtown Indianapolis, is the oldest Indianapolis park and features 128 acres of Indianapolis […]

Dance! Lenape Indian Traditions: Preserving a Dying Way of Life

The Native Americans once inhabited almost every area of the United States, from the cold shores of Maine to the vast dry desert of Arizona. Indiana was no exception; in fact, the Hoosier State’s name derives from the huge amount of Native American tribes that called the state home. Eventually, over decades of explosive American […]

Yeasayer at the Bluebird: Naysayers Need Not Attend

There are a lot of naysayers in the underground music world. These people are always lambasting the newest bands to come out, slinging adjectives like “derivative,” “uninspired,” and “poppy” around with sneers of disdain, turning up their noses at any band that hits mainstream success, never giving credit where even a little is due. Sure, […]

Anything Goes: The Cole Porter Review at the Indiana History Center

Chances are you know Cole Porter more than you think you do. The ubiquitous musician may have sprung from humble origins in Peru, Indiana, a small town just north of Indianapolis, but by his death in 1964 he was recognized as one of the greatest composers and lyricists of the musical comedy genre, a champion […]

The National, Owen Pallett at the Egyptian Room: Melancholia Meets Moogles in Indianapolis

Melancholia meets Moogles when Brooklyn rockers The National combine forces with Canadian violinist Owen Pallett (formerly known as Final Fantasy) at the Murat Egyptian Room this Saturday, October 2. The National follow closely in the footsteps of New Wave bands like Joy Division and New Order, but they’ve still been able to solidify their own […]

Brew, Books, and Fringe Happy Hour: Kick Back

Everybody can use a little after work relaxation every once in a while. Life in the Indianapolis business world can be stressful, whether you’re slinging appetizers at an Indianapolis restaurant or helping clients in downtown Indianapolis. Unwinding before heading home to family, bills, and responsibilities is essential to staying happy and sane. That’s why the […]

Lightning Bolt, Phoenix Bodies, Edifice at ES Jungle

Lightning bolts have always been an image of power. Zeus could rain destruction on whatever puny human city he chose with a well placed bolt chuck, and humans head for the hills (or their houses) whenever the sky turns black and the thunder begins to roll. Everyone knows a blast of electricity from the heavens […]

TOTS’ 23rd Season Opens with “…And Then There Was Nun!”

Theatre on the Square, a major venue among Indianapolis theatres and performing arts venues, has opened its 2010/2011 season of ten premiere comedies with …And Then There Was Was Nun! A hilarious parody of Agatha Christie’s Ten  Little Indians featuring the Sisters of San Andreas who are a collection of very familiar faces. Sisters Bette […]

White River State Park: Extraordinary Beauty and Unique Events in Indianapolis

There are two great things about the White River State Park: There’s always something going on, and it’s breathtakingly beautiful. This lush Indianapolis park space is the one and only urban state park in the entire United States. And it’s located in downtown Indianapolis. A couple of under-touted happenings in downtown Indianapolis along the Canal […]

Indianapolis Music Events 9/23 to 9/26: Built to Spill, Mass Ave Festivall, Elf Power

This weekend in Indianapolis music, college rock icons debunk popular antagonist myths at one of the oldest Indianapolis music venues, jazzy jam bands fill the air of Mass Ave with patchouli and guitar solos, and a long lost pachyderm makes an appearance in Bloomington. Once again, it’s a fantastic weekend for Indianapolis nightlife in Central […]

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at the ISM

On April 14, 1912, one of the largest maritime disasters in history began when the RMS Titanic, billed as “unsinkable” before its maiden voyage, scraped past an iceberg in the middle of the Atlantic, gouging a massive tear in its hull. The ship sank within three hours, sending 1,517 businessmen, families, politicians, and workers to […]

Eric Johnson, Andy McKee, Peppino D’Agostino Perform

Guitars, guitars, guitars. Throughout the iconic instrument’s long history, a variety of players have wielded the axe, shredding, noodling, soloing, keeping time with chunky chords or getting hips to twitch with syncopated slashes. You’ve heard it in almost every musical genre in the Western world, from punk to jazz to sappy singer songwriter love songs. […]

Marion County Pending Sales Up 5.4 Percent in August, 2010

Since bottoming out at 6,823 in December of 2009 the total number of homes for sale in Marion County climbed steadily in the successive months, reaching a 15-month high of 8,148 in July of 2010. Not until the following August did this figure finally drop as total listings fell to 8,065, making it a 1 […]

Eiteljorg Museum Holds Member Appreciation Day October 2

Becoming a member at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art is almost a no brainer. Not only does it get you regular access to one of the best Indianapolis museums, there are also plenty of other perks to membership. Members get tons of free stuff, from magazines about the museum and Southern/Native […]

Mass Ave Festivall: A Jam Band Fest for All

Summer in Indianapolis is slowly waning. The days are getting shorter and shorter; the sun is losing potency, and each day the wind blows harder and the temperature dips just a little bit more. Soon the leaves will be changing colors, and before too long the first snow will put Central Indiana in a deep […]

100 Acres: The Debut Commissions of the Fairbanks Art and Nature Park

The Virginia P. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park has been in progress for a long time. Located just outside the Indianapolis Museum of Art, beyond the Oldfields House and gardens, the Fairbanks Art and Nature Park was opened to the public in June of 2010, and has already become a worthwhile Indianapolis attraction. The Indianapolis […]

Indiana Convention Center Lands Major Tradeshow for 2-Year Booking

INDIANAPOLIS, IN -The Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association (ICVA) has booked another major citywide tradeshow into the expanding Indiana Convention Center-the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo. This annual event is the 75th largest tradeshow in the U.S., and is confirmed for February 2012-2014. The expo will attract more than 12,000 attendees annually and generate an […]

The Hold Steady, Wintersleep at The Vogue: Classic Rock with a Modern Friend

Sometimes you just want some good, old fashioned, straight forward, shoot from the hip rock and roll. Yeah, Indianapolis bands that forge into new territory like Beta Male, Burnt Ones, or Jookabox can certainly be entertaining to watch and utterly engrossing to listen to, what with their fuzzed out sonics, psychedelic production, and forays into […]