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Shen Yun Performing Arts: Classical Chinese Dance On Display at Clowes

If you happened to catch the performance of KODO in Indianapolis last week, you saw one form of Asian artistic expression that combined traditional Eastern instruments with traditional Western ones. KODO performed taiko, a style of Japanese drumming and dance that has been a part of the culture for thousands of years. But taiko isn’t […]

Things to Do for February 28 – March 6, 2011

Looking to launch into the breezy month of March with aplomb? As always, there is a plethora of things to do in Indianapolis and its immediate environs during the first week of the third month. Below you will find Fun City Finder‘s picks for some of your best bets for great things to do from […]

KODO Unleashes Thunderous Taiko Drumming in Indianapolis

If you’ve ever been to a performance by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, you’ve heard the booming power of a timpani drum. These giants of classical music add sternum vibrating power to the delicate clarinets, violins, and horns of the concert hall while holding the rhythm of the entire performance together. Now, imagine dozens of similar […]

Children’s Museum Presents Incredible Costumes from Film and TV

Just in time for spring break, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is offering visitors a chance to experience some of the magic of movies and TV as it hosts Incredible Costumes From Film and TV. Opening March 12, this temporary exhibit at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum is a chance for visitors to explore the world […]

Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow: A Taste of the Macabre at White Rabbit Cabaret

Ah, the circus. We all probably have fond memories of the circus from our childhoods: the smell of warm popcorn and hot elephant waste, the creepy clowns and the overenthusiastic barkers, the screaming children and the parents who look about ready to scream themselves. Actually, looking back, the circus can be a pretty scary place, […]

The Indianapolis Immigrant Experience Reminds Us Where We Came From

We are all immigrants. Except for the Native Americans, we all sailed across an ocean or crossed a border to get here, whether it was the Atlantic Ocean 230 years ago or the Canadian border two days ago. Whether you’re first generation or tenth, the United States belongs to immigrants of every color, creed, and […]

Area Business Events, Trade Shows and Workshops for February 2011

Business in Indianapolis is the lifeblood of the community, though some might argue that distinction more aptly belongs to the Indianapolis Colts or the world-famous Indianapolis 500-mile race. Love might make the world go round but money, indisputably, makes it more comfortable. As in all big cities in Indiana and throughout the United States, it’s […]

2011 Indy Sport Show: Boat, Sport and Travel Show and Indiana Motorcycle Exposition at State Fairgrounds

Things are already starting to heat up at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, perhaps a harbinger of warmer temperatures in general around Indianapolis and other cities in Central Indiana. This month, the vast exposition space hosts two-in-one mega-gatherings, under the Indy Sport Show banner, both popular Indianapolis attractions with avid fans. First, it’s the 57th Annual […]

Azure Diamond JW Marriott Hotel Graces Downtown

The opening of the majestic new JW Marriott Hotel in Indianapolis’ downtown sector, completes the five Marriott facilities collectively referred to as Marriott Place Indianapolis. The enormous complex, attached to the newly-refurbished Indiana Convention Center, consists of the Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites, the Marriott SpringHill Suites, the Courtyard by Marriott, the Marriott Indianapolis Downtown […]

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Spaghetti Western Screened Where it Should Be

Ah-e-ah-e-ahh….wah wah wah. Gibberish on the page, unmistakable coming through speakers, this clarion call of the classic Western has been all over popular culture since the United States release of The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly in 1967. Sergio Leone’s expansive, dusty epic is considered by many to be the pinnacle of the Western […]

Where Are You Going and How Can You Get There: Expand Your Cycling Awareness with Jim Sayer and CIBA

As has been mentioned plenty of times before on this blog, we’re on the backside of winter and spring is just a few weeks away. It’s hard to ride your bike during the winter. There’s snow everywhere, the wind is face numbing (especially when biking at 15 miles an hour through downtown Indianapolis), and if […]

Pink Lace Diamond to Involve Audience in Classic Whodunit at Oaklandon Civic Theatre

There’s nothing that invigorates the sleuthing spirit more than a classic whodunit. From frenetic bouts of Clue that last long into the night to the drug store murder mystery novel you keep tucked away in your glove box lest you encounter a boring traffic jam, amateur detective work has always enthralled people across the United […]

The Sensuous Sounds of Valentine’s Day at the Jazz Kitchen

Uh oh. It’s Valentine’s Day and you forgot. You didn’t go to downtown Indianapolis and pick out that perfect gift, you didn’t make reservations at that swank Indianapolis restaurant (s)he loves, and actually, you didn’t even get a card. The drug store is just down the street; you could buy some bargain bin chocolates before […]

2011 Valentine’s Restaurants Specials in the Circle City

What better time to throw caution to the winds than Valentine’s Day? In the sumptuous city of Indianapolis, however, you don’t have to throw, so much as toss. Indianapolis restaurants love you just as much as you love your honey, and they want to show you how much. Take a look at these hand-picked Valentine’s […]

February, 2011 Theatre Productions: Dynamic, Dramatic and True to Life

The 2011 season of theatrical productions got off to an explosive start in Indianapolis, with professional shows such as  and Why Torture Is Wrong…And the People Who Love Them and A Contemporary American’s Guide To A Successful Marriage onstage at the TOTS, and the Phoenix Theatre‘s thoughtful offering called Norway. February is only halfway through, […]

INDYPROV Frees Comedy from Scripted Shackles at White Rabbit Cabaret

Comedy should be quick on its feet, fluid, resourceful, and always ready for something new. You can’t always get the necessary spark in a strictly defined comedy medium like a sitcom or a movie, and even partially scripted performances like stand up can be tainted by stilted jokes and forced timing. Improv comedy, on the […]

Indy Flute Fest 2011: Marianne Gedigian, Daniel Velasco, and More

There are plenty of music festivals that come through Indianapolis each year, celebrating different cultural traditions, genres, and even instruments. The most famous and popular of these is probably the Indy Jazz Fest, but there’s also the Indianapolis Early Music Festival, the prestigious International Violin Competition of Indianapolis, and, on a slightly harder note, X […]

Fame Monsters: The State of the Major Record Label Discusses Future Music Trends at Butler University

Thirty years ago, there were only a few paths to the national stage. Indianapolis bands (and bands around the United States) had to “pay their dues,” schlep their instruments and equipment from dingy bar to dingy bar, play for pennies and free beer, and drive around Central Indiana in beat up Aerostar vans, all for […]

Passion, Pursuit, and Guerrilla Gardening Gives Taste of Spring

Ah, spring. The time of year when all the scuzzy snow around Indianapolis finally melts away, the sun comes out for more than an hour a week, and green things start shooting out of the muddy soil. One of the surest signs of spring’s arrival is the emergence of flowers, those colorful harbingers of love, […]

A Smattering of February 2011 Events for your Consideration

It may be cold, but people still have to eat. People still fall in love and go out looking for romance and dating in Indianapolis. People continue to long for entertainment and diversion from the grind. has collected an intriguing smattering of February, 2011 events for your consideration, all of them happening in the […]