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2011 Sin and Redemption at the Athenaeum Theatre: Tonight Through Tomorrow

Sin and Redemption? Intriguing name, don’t you think? It’s the Indianapolis Athenaeum’s way of overcoming all your winter blues at once and then redeeming yourself right after you do. And it’s happening tonight, Saturday, February 5, 2011, starting at 6:00 p.m., and going until tomorrow at noon. The full title for this big party is […]

The Kid and The Idle Class: Two Silent Films Get the Orchestral Treatment at the IMA

If you’ve been keeping track of the 2011 Winter Nights Film Series at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, you’ve likely seen examples of noir cinema from several eras in film history, from the originals (Criss Cross, Key Largo) to the re-imaginings (Blood Simple, Memento). While this year’s iteration of the Winter Nights Film Series focuses […]

Changing Africa: Helping Orphans Brings South African Dance, Charity to Indianapolis

Surely you remember those television infomercials featuring sad eyed children with protruding bellies sitting in the detritus of their ruined villages, the commercials with oft repeated pleas for help, the flashing phone numbers on the bottom of the screen, and glowing testimonies of thanks from those affected by whatever charity the commercial is promoting. They’ve […]

Venues for Valentine’s Day: Give your Heart Away on February 14, 2011

How do you keep love alive? Pay attention. Especially on Valentine’s Day. The month of love in the grand city of Indianapolis offers an abundance of venues for Valentine’s Day reveling. Whether your taste runs from the sublime to the somewhat whacky, you can find the perfect thing to do in Indianapolis, simply by caring […]

Butler University Visiting Writers Series: George Saunders

If George Saunders was in charge of the economic redevelopment of the United States, we’d probably see a marked increase in very bizarre jobs. There’d be a rise in Civil War themed theme parks, mascot costumes would replace suits and ties, “wavemaker” would be a position in high demand, and, really, nobody would get anything […]