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What’s on the Boards for April 1 – 14, 2011

Theatrical and performing arts venues in Indianapolis offer lots of reasons to get out of the house and enjoy life in all its many engaging facets. Theatres in Indianapolis and other nearby cities in Indiana are abundant and top-notch. Check out this collection of intriguing plays now being performed in Indianapolis and its environs. Live […]

Things to do in Greater Indianapolis for April 1 – 6, 2011

Spring is here, and Hoosiers, like all living things, are starting to look for ways to grow, interact and have some fun around the Greater Indianapolis neighborhoods. A quick glance around will reveal an abundance of fun things to do in Greater Indianapolis for April 1 – 6, 2011, from inspiring Indianapolis art shows to […]

The Amazing Acro-Cats Cat-apult into Indianapolis

You’ve always suspected your cat, Mittens, is capable of more than she lets on. Sure, she looks lazy, lounging around in sunbeams all afternoon and gorging herself on dry cat food and whatever she can scrounge off of the kitchen counter at night, but underneath that lovable exterior lies generations of finely tuned instinct and […]

Rock for Riley VII: Matt & Kim Play for the Kids

Sometimes you can’t help but feel guilty about buying tickets to a major concert. Depending on the artist, you know the money is just going to go toward tight jeans, decking out the tour bus with multiple jacuzzi’s, or lots and lots of cocaine. When you’re paying 80 bucks to see a concert at the […]

Women World Wide: Annual Women’s & Gender Studies Undergraduate Student Conference

Worldwide culture has come a long way since the turn of the 20th century. Back then, women weren’t even allowed to vote, let alone graduate from college in large numbers or do much besides stay at home and tend to the kids. Now, eleven years after the turn of the 21st century, things are better, […]

Crawl for a Cause: Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Edition

Have you ever wished that your alcohol consumption could do something good for the world? After you’ve downed your sixth beer at an Indianapolis bar, you probably feel pretty good about the world, but the warm and fuzzies aren’t helping Mother Earth out a whole lot. As of now, the best thing you can do […]

The Pocket-Friendly Greater Indianapolis Flea Markets

When times get tough, the tough often head out to the nearest flea markets to shop in Indianapolis‘ metropolitan neighborhoods. Hoosiers in Central Indiana love flea markets for two reasons: First, they are chock-full of astonishing bargains. And second, what grown-up doesn’t enjoy a treasure hunt? Below, FunCityFinder has collected a good list of these […]

2011 Midwest Peace and Justice Summit: Exploring Activism and Community Involvement

2011 has already seen a lot of violence, anguish, and heartache. Around the world, wars are creating scores of refugees, disease rampages through third world countries unchecked, and people’s basic rights are being violated, both abroad and right here in the United States. Founded by a modest assembly of thirty concerned Hoosiers in West Lafayette, […]

Relive St. Pat’s with the Indianapolis Cèilì Band and Guests

So you went to Indianapolis last Thursday. You got to the Canal Walk at 6:00, saw the greening of the Indianapolis Central Canal, retreated to a nearby Indianapolis bar to start swilling green beer, hustled down to the St

Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council Kick-Off Event

Students at Carmel schools are about to get more involved in their local community. The mayor of Carmel, Indiana, James Brainard, recently announced the formation of a new community group at Carmel High School: the Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council

What’s on the Boards for March 19-31, 2011

There’s a certain feeling to springtime in the Midwest. You can sense a widespread urge to get out and play. And Hoosiers living in and around Indianapolis know there’s much more to Indy than pro-sports and race cars. A good example would be Indy’s stunning variety of theatrical companies and the excellent work they turn […]

Banishing Bullying: Free Symposium Highlights Awareness, Action in Indianapolis

If you’ve been reading the news at all lately, you know that bullying is becoming a big issue. It’s been around our society since we’ve had public school, indeed, since kids have been herded together in large groups for the sake of their educations. A reading of Lord of the Flies can only give you […]

14th Annual Indianapolis Downtown Irish Fest: Authentic Food, Drink, and Fun

There are quite a few months between now and September. That’s when the step dancing, bagpipes, Gaelic vittles, and flowing beer of the Indy Irish Fest comes to Military Park, the only time of year when every Indianapolis resident is an Irishman (or woman) at heart. Well, that’s not quite accurate. March, specifically March 17, […]

Celebrate the Irish Way: Indianapolis Bars Honor St. Patty with Booze, Bands, and Giant Tents

As mentioned in yesterday’s article about the 2011 St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in Indianapolis, St. Patty’s is definitely the favorite holiday of every Indianapolis bar. No other holiday celebrates the rich tradition of Irish heavy drinking quite like St. Pat’s, and to recognize this, bars around Indianapolis dye their beer green, throw their doors wide […]

Things to do in Greater Indianapolis for March 14-March 20, 2011

Looking for fun outside the cave, now that Spring is here? Hoosiers with kids in Indianapolis, those thinking thoughts of romance and dating in Indianapolis and everybody who’s sick and tired of hiding indoors can find their heart’s desire right inside Indianapolis, simply by venturing out the door. Below you have a diverse list of […]

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Paints Indianapolis Green

It’s the time of the year Indianapolis bars love the most. The time of year when drinking during the day is a completely acceptable form of recreation, when you’ll get pinched if you’re not wearing the right color, when all of Central Indiana goes green (and I don’t mean environmentally friendly). It’s St. Patrick’s Day, […]

Indiana Artist Club Hosts 79th Annual Juried Exhibit in Indianapolis

Indiana is home to some beautiful muses. The multicolored squares of farmland, the vast stretches of untrammeled forest, the impressive architecture of downtown Indianapolis, the quiet historical aura of the many small towns that dot the countryside: all of it can be the impetus of that perfect painting, song, or sculpture. It’s no surprise, then, […]

Incredible Costumes from Film and TV Opens at Children’s Museum

The heart of Indianapolis should be welcoming lots of eager kids and their families today, Hoosier families not only from Indy, but many other nearby cities in Indiana. An exhibit is opening at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum which may prove to be one of their most popular yet. Incredible Costumes from Film and TV features […]

Joyce K. Jensen: Luminous Watercolors from Indianapolis

Joyce K. Jensen is a contemporary realist painter based out of Indianapolis who works primarily in watercolor. Her award-winning watercolors are known for their attention to detail and for the depth and brilliance of their colors. Genres include still-lifes, portraits and landscapes, and this Indianapolis artist has created a popular series featuring vintage toys, maps […]

Recycled: Converted, Reclaimed, Recovered, Saved Art with Jonathan McAfee and Kate Wagner

It seems all everybody is talking about these days is going green. Saving the environment by recycling, riding your bike (made easier with the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and cycling events like Any Port in the Storm and Where Are You Going and How Can You Get There), and buying organic products has been all the […]