Archives for March 23, 2011

The Pocket-Friendly Greater Indianapolis Flea Markets

When times get tough, the tough often head out to the nearest flea markets to shop in Indianapolis‘ metropolitan neighborhoods. Hoosiers in Central Indiana love flea markets for two reasons: First, they are chock-full of astonishing bargains. And second, what grown-up doesn’t enjoy a treasure hunt? Below, FunCityFinder has collected a good list of these […]

2011 Midwest Peace and Justice Summit: Exploring Activism and Community Involvement

2011 has already seen a lot of violence, anguish, and heartache. Around the world, wars are creating scores of refugees, disease rampages through third world countries unchecked, and people’s basic rights are being violated, both abroad and right here in the United States. Founded by a modest assembly of thirty concerned Hoosiers in West Lafayette, […]