Hoosier Park Racing and Casino Welcomes Larry King

The king of CNN comes to Indiana. Larry King performs his new one man show “Standing Up” Friday, May 20 at Hoosier Park Racing and Casino in Anderson, Indiana. A fixture of CNN prime time, Larry King has left the air, but he is far from done talking. Hoosier Park Racing and Casino offers two chances to see King in action at 7:30 pm and 10:00 pm at their Anderson location. Tickets for this Indianapolis event range between $35 and $65. Don’t miss this exciting Indianapolis performing arts program.

Larry King is the king of news talk shows. After 25 years on CNN with his celebrated show “Larry King Live,” he retired from life in the public eye. But at 77 years old, King is still kicking. As one of the premier broadcast interviewers, King has won an Emmy Award, Peabody Awards, and ten Cable ACE Awards. Over the course of his career, King has interviewed celebrities, politicians and other people making headlines around the world.

Born Lawrence Zeiger in Brooklyn in 1933, King new from an early age he wanted to go into radio. He moved to Miami, where he got his first job at WMBM in Miami Beach, cleaning up and doing handy man work. By 1957, he had worked his way onto the air. A general manager at the station urged him to change his name to something “less ethnic and more memorable.” He chose “King,” and his talk show became one of the most popular in Florida.
In 1978, King made the leap to national broadcasting, where he was heard across the United States. He took a nightly talk show slot on the Mutual Broadcasting System, where he broadcast from midnight to 5:30 am. He interviewed guest for 90 minutes, callers could ask the guest questions for the next 90 minutes and after 3 am he launched into a segment called “Open Phone America,” where callers could choose their own topic of conversation.

In the mid eighties, King got his gig on CNN with Larry King Live. His guests ranged from controversial figures of UFO conspiracy theories and alleged psychics to prominent politicians and leading entertainment figures. His direct, non-confrontational style of interview has made him famous. He has a reputation for asking easy open ended questions, that made him attractive to many pubic figures looking to state their position without being challenged. Yet, King’s frank style made him a favorite among viewers.

Hear him extol the good times and bad in his career that spans more than four decades in “Standing Up.” This celebrated journalist turns his life long career into fodder for a one man show, offering insight into his position on the other side of the interview. Head to Hoosier Park Racing and Casino Friday, May 20 to catch Larry King in person!

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Larry King’s “Standing Up”
Friday, May 20 at 7:30 pm and 10:00 pm

Hoosier Park Racing and Casino
4500 Dan Patch Circle
Anderson, IN