Aesop’s Table, Greek Cuisine on Mass Ave

Aesop’s Table is a popular Greek cafe located in the Indianapolis cultural district, Mass Ave, catering to lunch time shoppers and the evening theater crowd. With a beautiful outdoor patio, Aesop’s Table is a popular warm weather destination. But in Winter, its easy to cozy up in their indoor dining room. This cozy cafe style restaurant offers full lunch and dinner menus with delicious dessert selections. Enjoy a crisp, clean Greek meal in a whimsical atmosphere on Mass Ave at Aesop’s Table.

What’s For Lunch?

Aesop's Tables, Indianapolis, IN Start your mid-day break with any of Aesop’s appetizers. Try the Middle Eastern Appetizer Plate with hommous, tabouli, middle eastern cheese and pita bread. Or enjoy a Greek Appetizer Plate with feta and sun dried tomato spread olives, stuffed grape leaves and pita bread. Or get the dipping plate with tzatziki dip, hommous, sun dried tomato and feta spreads served with pita and french breads. Or kick off your lunch with a cup of lobster bisque or their soup of the day.

Aesop's Tables, Indianapolis, INFor the main event, go light with any of Aesop’s gourmet salads. The Margherita Ensalada is a Spanish favorite: their special salad blend, tomatoes, cucumbers and mesquite seasoned chicken topped with pico de gallo and lemon dressing. Aesop’s Warm Pasta Salad is a house favorite: spinach, shrimp, garlic and pasta finished with olive oil and feta cheese. Or get the classic Mary Beth salad: salad blend, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, feta, olives and Greek dressing topped with gyro meat and tzatziki sauce.

Aesop's Tables, Indianapolis, INFor those with a bigger hunger, enjoy one of Aesop’s sandwiches. The Sir James Shrimp Gyro is a delectable creation: shrimp pieces sauteed with olive oil, tomatoes, oregeno and white wine served with lettuce and feta cheese in pita. There is always the Gyro or better yet the Ultimate Gyro, the Chicken Gyro or the Aesop’s Gyro all slathered with their famous tzatzki sauce.

And their are plenty of options for Aesop’s vegetarian friends. Enjoy Rice-stuffed Zucchini filled with currants, almonds, two cheeses and red sauce. Or take a taste of the Vegetarian Pita Grill which comes with grilled squash, green peppers, onions, mozzarella cheese and tzatzki in a hot pita bread. But Wild Bill’s Spinach Supreme is the true house favorite it includes spinach, portabella mushrooms and cheese on Italian bread.

And for Dinner?

While Aesop’s appetizers are the same for lunch and dinner, they step up their game with hearty entrees. Arroz En Rania is a traditional Spanish dish made with shrimp and mussels in a mildly spicy sauce over rice–low fat with lots a flavor. Or enjoy Portuguese Chicken and Shrimp, marinated for 24 hours then grilled and served over rice  and caramalized onion sauce. And of course, the roasted lamb shank in wine sauce is a delicious dish. The lamb is slow roasted in sauce that includes Spanish paprika, extra virgin olive oil and tempenilo wine, served with grilled veggie ravioli.

Again vegetarians have a range of dinner options at Aesop’s. Try the spicy grilled vegetables with basmati rice, the penne with red sauce, pasta ala electa or wild mushroom fettucine. In addition, Aesop also offers their entire sandwich and salad selection during dinner.

Don’t Forget Dessert!

You can’t have a true Aesop’s experience without dessert. Sample Aesop’s Chocolate Cake Supreme, dotted with walnuts and chocolate chips and topped with warm dark chocolate glaze and whipped cream. Baklava is a Greek tradition: layers of strudel dough, walnuts, cinnamon and honey. The lemon pound cake is a refreshing treat with raspberry sauce. Poppy seed cake offers a crunchy sweet treat. And cannoli is a delectable Italian pastry shell filled with orange cheese filling and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Dine at Aesop’s Table and get the whole Mass Ave experience. This Indianapolis restaurant is a corner stone of the Indianapolis cultural district, Mass Ave.

Aesop’s Table
600 E Massachusetts Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204