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Global Gifts on Mass Ave offers a unique Indianapolis shopping experience for conscientious shoppers with an eye on the global economy. Founded on the principles of fair trade, Global Gifts operates in a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect that seeks greater equity in international trade. With locations across the United States, Global Gifts provides hope and opportunity to developing world producers by paying fare wages and supporting business development for producer cooperatives. Shoppers at Global Gifts make a difference one purchase at a time.

Textile products at Global GiftsOften times, the products we buy from overseas are mass produced by over-worked and under-paid laborers. The products at Global Gifts are handmade by artisans, whose skill is rooted in centuries of tradition and experience passed down through generations. Global Gifts offers products made in more than 35 countries, mostly from developing regions of the world.

The practice of fair trade accomplishes a number of positives for both the artisans actively involved in making crafts and their home countries. Fair trade creates jobs for people who usually aren’t hired. It helps these people build business capacity and grow their business over time. Fair trade has a focus on gender equality, with an emphasis on providing meaningful employment opportunities for women. These workers enjoy supportive and good working conditions and pay. And fair trade promotes sustainability.

Pottery and art at Global GiftsProducts range from hand-crafted paper products like note cards, stationary and journals to textile products including scarves, hats and mittens. Find unique pottery, jewelry and home decor items that not only add beauty to your life but also a sense of social and global engagement with the world economy. The stunning items at the Global Gifts store give shoppers the chance to find truly unique gifts and personalized items.

Global Gifts is 100% not for profit in Indianapolis. Run entirely by volunteers, this store sends every cent not required for operating costs back to the artisans who supply merchandise. Support the fair trade movement in Indianapolis by shopping at Global Gifts on Mass Ave. With prime Indianapolis real estate in this Indianapolis cultural district, Global Gifts is the go-to place for interesting and unique items. Check out their Indianapolis downtown location.

Jewelry at Global GiftsJewelry at Global Gifts

Interesting gift ideas at Global Gifts

Interesting options at Global Gifts

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Global Gifts, Indianapolis, IN

The Mass Ave store front of Global Gifts

The Mass Ave store front of Global Gifts

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