Three Dog Bakery on Mass Ave: The Bakery for Dogs

While walking your pooch on Mass Ave, don’t forget to stop into Three Dog Bakery, an Indianapolis bakery for dogs. In 1989, two guys, three dogs and one 59 cent biscuit cutter joined forces to create the first ever bakery for dogs. In twenty short years and with help from dog lovers everywhere, Three Dog Bakery is now a national chain of specialty pet shops. They set the standard for creating ultra premium dog food and treats with a focus on healthy ingredients to ensure the well-being of our four-legged friends. At Three Dog Bakery, the happiness and health of your pooch is a priority. That’s why the bakers are committed to slow oven baking that locks in the flavor and nutrients to every treat.

The treat case at Three Dog Bakery on Mass AveThe treats and food at Three Dog Bakery aren’t made with preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavors, fillers, refined sugars or added salt. Instead your pup can feast on wholesome treats made from whole wheat flour, honey, oatmeal, molasses, real peanuts and egg. Other ingredients include apples, barley, blueberries, brown rice, canola oil, carob, carrots, cheese, chicken, citric acid, cranberries, fish, lamb, milk, oats, sage, spinach, sweet potatoes, vanilla, whey protein and yogurt. You wouldn’t want to feed your pooch something that you wouldn’t feed yourself, and these all natural ingredients make for a delicious canine fare.

Store front of Three Dog Bakery in IndianapolisYour dog’s nose will lead the way as you enter Three Dog Bakery, drool forms at the mouth and tails wag upon smelling the unique treats. You’ll be asking if the handcrafted treats made from all natural ingredients and decorated beautifully are really just for dogs. Celebrate another year with pooch by surprising her with a personalized celebration cake, bone cake or dino dog bone. Pick up a pooch cake, a rawhide or any other variety of delicious doggy treats.

Three Dog Bakery offers more than just treats. Each store carries an exclusive line of all natural spa products for your pooch. Keep your pup as clean as a dog whistle with shampoos that contain no harsh chemicals, synthetic perfumes or artificial colors that irritate your dogs’ skin.

Stop in with your furry friend to get a free sample of something special. Browse the “paw”some pet friendly environment. Pick up a new toy, leash, collar or any other accessory you need to keep your dog in style. This Indianapolis shopping experience in Indianapolis downtown is 100% pet friendly. Enjoy a stroll in the Indianapolis cultural district, Mass Ave, with your best friend and stop into this downtown Indianapolis shopping destination.

Leashes and accessories for your pooch at Three Dog Bakery in IndianapolisLeashes and accessories for your pooch at Three Dog Bakery in Indianapolis

A comfy doggy bed for sale at Three Dog Bakery in Indianapolis

A comfy doggy bed for sale at Three Dog Bakery in Indianapolis

Three Dogs Bakery
444 Massachusetts Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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