The Egyptian Cafe Mediterranean Grille and Hooka Bar

The Egyptian Cafe is an Egyptian inspired cafe and hooka bar in the heart of the Indianapolis cultural district, Broad Ripple Village. Design elements in this Indianapolis restaurant mimic the most famous coffee shop in Egypt, El Fishawy, which is located in Old Cairo and has been open 24 hours a day since 1773. For generations, writers, artists and revolutionaries have frequented El Fishawy, making it a hub of creativity and conversation. The Egyptian brings those bohemian sensibilities to Indianapolis.

Authentic Egyptian interior of The EgyptianPatrons at the Egyptian experience an authentic sense of this Middle Eastern country. All furniture and hooka pipes in this north Indianapolis restaurant have been handmade and imported from Cairo, Egypt. Be transported to this exotic destination without ever leaving home as you enjoy some fine Mediterranean, Greek and American inspired menu items, delicious gourmet coffee and flavorful hooka combinations.

The Egyptian offers a variety of choices on their menu with very affordable prices. Start your meal off with an appetizer. Their creamy hummus dip, served with pita bread, will rev your taste buds. Enjoy traditional stuffed grape leaves with sauce, an order of tiropita (cheese pie) or spanakopita.

A hooka at The EgyptianEnjoy a crisp green salad for your main meal. The Greek salad is a fresh combination of romaine lettuce with red onion, grape tomatoes, cucumber slices, black olives and feta cheese. Or order a gyro salad, piled high with gyro meat over a traditional Greek salad. Sandwich selections include falafels, gyros, chicken or beef shawarma, Philly steak and cheese or cheeseburgers.

Nothing is as delicious as their kabob selections, all of which are roasted over charcoal. Order a lamb kabob and get chunks of marinated lamb skewered with onion and tomatoes. The tikka kabob is a savory fat-free bone-in chicken marinated in olive oil and spices. The skewered kofta is a yummy combination of seasoned ground beef and lamb. If the kabob decision is too much, order the mixed grill kabob: a mix of lamb, chicken and kofta skewered with onion and tomatoes.

Authentic decor at The EgyptianFor dinner order any of their entree plates served with a small Greek salad, french fries, pita bread and homemade sauce. The butter chicken is a delectable hunk of marinated chicken in homemade tomato sauce with cashew nuts. The gyro dinner offers beef and lamb broiled on rotisserie served with tzatziki sauce. Or try the chicken souvlaki, the falafel, or the beef or chicken shawarma dinners. For dessert, enjoy an order or baklava or rice pudding.

Pair your meal with a glass of wine or beer. Order a fruit smoothie to cool down or a Turkish coffee to perk up. Finish your dining experience with a relaxing hooka to share with friends. Basic flavors include apple, banana, peach, double apple, coconut, mixed fruit, lemon, grape, orange, strawberry, sweet melon, apricot, mango, mint, jasmine, rose or cherry. Premium blend hookas are a dollar more. Flavors include the Egyptian blend, passion fruit, margarita, blackberry, kiwi/strawberry, blueberry, chocolate mint or black grape.

Head to The Egyptian Cafe and Hooka Bar in Broad Ripple. This 18 and over establishment is a great place to unwind in an exotic environment.

The hooka collection at The EgyptianThe hooka collection at The Egyptian

Windows between The Egyptian's two dining rooms

Windows between The Egyptian’s two dining rooms

An arc doorway between The Egyptian's two dining rooms

An arc doorway between The Egyptian’s two dining rooms

The Egyptian's second dining room

The Egyptian’s second dining room

The Egyptian Cafe
6265 Carrollton Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220

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