Khoury’s Mediterranean Island: An Oasis of Food

Khoury’s Mediterranean Island is a delicious Indianapolis restaurant and market offering a variety of Mediterranean food, a Hookah bar and a specialty grocery. This delectable Indianapolis business is a family run joint with a great atmosphere and yummy food. Located in the Indianapolis cultural district, Broad Ripple Village, Khoury’s Mediterranean Island adds to the culture of scrumptious north Indianapolis restaurants.

The Khoury family arrived in Indianapolis in 1968 from the Holy Land: Bethlehem. The youngest son, Alex Khoury, had big dreams of owning his own business. He graduated from IUPUI and took over a modest eatery in 1981. He called it Korey’s, and like the Khoury’s we know and love today it also contained a small market. However, the small store front only sat 40 people. In 1990, Khoury leased a different building and opened two restaurants in the space: a Middle Eastern restaurant and a Mexican restaurant. But the restaurant’s struggled.

The exterior of Khoury's Mediterranean IslandThe exterior of Khoury’s Mediterranean Island

In 2002, Khoury and his supportive family took over the place, remodeled it and opened the popular Khoury’s Mediterranean Island. The new space seats 120 people in two fancy dining rooms, offers a modern Hooka Bar and an enlarged market at the main entrance. As the proud owner, Alex Khoury still gives great credit to his business partners: his mother Leila and his wife Abla. Along with help form a professional staff of chefs and servers, Khoury’s serves outstanding Middle Eastern dishes served with classic Middle Eastern hospitality.

A sign for Khoury's Mediterranean IslandA sign for Khoury’s Mediterranean Island

Head to Khoury’s for lunch or dinner Tuesday through Sunday. Start your meal off with an order of satisfying Hommous: a creamy blend of chick peas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic served with warm pita bread. Or try the fried kibby, calamari rings, stuffed olives, or baba ghannooj. But the real star of the appetizer menu is Saganaki, also known as “flaming cheese.” This aged kassari cheese is dipped in homemade batter, skillet fried and served flaming at your table.

The large dinner plates are served with rice, green beans and your choice of greek style potatoes or steamed vegetables. Enjoy the gyro plate, Hoosa (chunks of tender lamb) or Eggplant casserole. After your meal, enjoy a variety of flavored hookas, a real Mediterranean tradition.

The market at Khoury's Mediterranean IslandThe market at Khoury’s Mediterranean Island

Before you leave, stop by the market. Create your own Mediterranean dish, inspired by the flavors from the restaurant. Pick up all the ingredients you’ll need to make a delectable meal.

Head to this north Indianapolis restaurant for a dining experience that will take your taste buds around the world.

Dining room at Khoury's Mediterranean IslandDining room at Khoury’s Mediterranean Island

More dining space at Khoury's Mediterranean IslandMore dining space at Khoury’s Mediterranean Island

Lunch buffet at Khoury's Mediterranean IslandLunch buffet at Khoury’s Mediterranean Island

Hooka bar at Khoury's Mediterranean IslandHooka bar at Khoury’s Mediterranean Island

Patio at Khoury's Mediterranean IslandPatio at Khoury’s Mediterranean Island

Another view of the market at Khoury's Mediterranean IslandAnother view of the market at Khoury’s Mediterranean Island

Entrance to Khoury's Mediterranean IslandEntrance to Khoury’s Mediterranean Island

Khoury’s Mediterranean Island
1850 E Broad Ripple Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46220

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