Hoosier Motors The Monon With SpikeBoarding

Indiana native William Coale ran a 2:37:00 marathon back in his college years so it makes perfect sense to find him lighting up The Monon Greenway Trail today with anaerobic abilities once again. These days however, William is doing more than demonstrating exceptional abilities with his performance, he is breaking new ground with the sports of SpikeBoarding™ and SUS® or Stand Up Spike™.

spike boarding indianapolis

SpikeBoarding™ and SUS® / Stand Up Spike™ are revolutionary new endurance based sports requiring the athlete to concentrate on endurance development the same as Nordic (cross country) skiing. William’s heart and lungs might be working similar to his 2:37 marathon days but the rest of him is gaining a nice load of balance and his upper body is performing equal to that of a Nordic skier.

spike boarding indianapolis

If you don’t know what Nordic skiing does to the upper body and core, think Thor, Nordic legend. SpikeBoarding™ and SUS® however are 100% more casual than Nordic roller ski. You are not bound to the board with specialized boots that will not release. You have no skis to cross tips with and you can simply step off to stop. If triathlon gave us balance it would be called SpikeBoarding™.

spike boarding on monon trail in indianapolis

SpikeBoarding™ and Stand Up Spike™ happen best on a specialized skateboard called a SpikeBoard™, essentially one slippery board in stead of the two used in Nordic ski. A carbide steel tip is used same as Nordic roller ski. This tip lives at the business end of a 19 oz. carbon fiber SUSOIX® SkateBoard Spike® Patented. SUSOIX®, pronounced (suh-soy), is an innovative transport sport company that produced the SkateBoard Spike® as well as the two strokes it executes.

William Coale spike boarding

Stand Up Spike™ the first stroke to learn. It is near exact to the double poling stroke in Nordic ski. The feet stay on the board shifting to either side and you stand up spike to the rear on both sides of the deck. The next stroke is Cubi-x-Cross, pronounced (koobie-cross). Cubi-x-Cross is quite possibly the most recent human propulsion stroke to be innovated, there are very few. The human body can only move in so many ways and produce high performance acceleration. Cubi-x-Cross requires the SpikeBoarding™ athlete to kick with one leg while simultaneously one hand spiking using the arm on the opposing side. SpikeBoarding™ is The Sport of Balanced Strength™. Stand Up Spike™ is Core Out Your Door™. William Coale is the first SpikeBoarder® in Indiana and only the second athlete in the world to devote full time to the development of this sensational sport of strength, endurance plus balance. When you see William on the Monon you are watching Hoosier sporting history coming to life.For more information on this unique sport, visit