Bankers Life FieldHouse

Indianapolis, Indiana’s Bankers Life Fieldhouse is the home of the National Basketball Association’s Indiana Pacers and the Women’s National Basketball Association team known as the Indiana Fever. On Pennsylvania Street in bustling downtown Indianapolis, this amazing venue contributes a distinctive retro flare to the Indianapolis skyline with its vintage architecture style. Attending events at Bankers Life Fieldhouse is always a joy, and just one of many fun things to do in Indianapolis on any given day.

Bankers life fieldhouse interior

This $183-million dollar structure, opened in 1997, is an ultra-modern sports arena constructed in a retro, old-school style. The seeming dichotomy makes for an interesting, vivid and practical concourse. The venue hosts other major events as well, such as plays and concerts.


The folks at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse take Indianapolis basketball very seriously as evidenced by the motto, “Everywhere else, it’s just basketball… but this is Indiana!” Along with the regularly scheduled basketball events and special performances, the Bankers Life Fieldhouse has served as one of only two venues for the Men’s World Basketball Championships for the FIBA.  It was also the site of the post-season Big Ten Conference Men’s basketball tournament.

bankers life fieldhouse aerial view

Apart from basketball, the Indianapolis Ice Hockey League’s Indiana Ice team also plays home games in this sports arena. The World Wrestling Entertainment’s 21st annual SummerSlam event was held in the Bankers Life Fieldhouse (then called “Conseco Fieldhouse”) in August of 2008.

home court at bankers life fieldhouse

The honors continue to pile up for this good-looking sports arena, which many place alongside some of the best facilities of its type in the world. Ranked as the top NBA venue for the years 2005, 2006 and 2007 by the Sports Business Journal, and the best sporting arena for all four of the major sports leagues in 2006 by The Ultimate Sports Road Trip, the Conseco Fieldhouse, now called Bankers Life Fieldhouse, emerges as one of the finest of its kind, solidly among the best of the best.


Comments and Reviews Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Lifted Right Out of the Past

When the Pacers announced that they would be replacing MSA with a newer, more modern arena, I failed to see the need. I had been to MSA many times and knew first-hand of the problems with the facility. However, I still enjoyed attending events at MSA. It was very intimate…

I Can Only Say One Thing, Wow!

As you walk into the new modern building, it quickly throws you back into yester year. New & retro collide to make one of the most outstanding complex’s in the NBA.History is abundant from the rich golden past of hoosier hystery; as you walk past the old pictures and plaques, I swear you can hear them telling a story of why Indiana is the Basketball Universe…

Concert Goers Beware!

It is NOT a very good concert venue, unless you are sitting in the lower level. The sound quality on the top level suffers tremendously, especially on bass heavy pieces. A terrible reverberation forms that makes it almost impossible to recognize some songs. Strangely enough, voices don’t suffer very much, and the high treble ranges seem okay as well. It could be all the glass used in the building…

As Good as It Gets

I, like many other people, miss Market Square Arena – the old home of the Pacers. It held great memories and housed many great events, but it had to go.
Part of the excitement of a new arena is knowing that it is going to try to out do everyone else. Often more is not better, but in this case it is…

Boom Baby!

I made my first ever trip to a Pacers game earlier this year. I had been to several events in the old Market Square Arena and was figuring that this was going to be a lot like that old dump! Imagine my surprise! This place was beautiful! I walked in and there was memorabilia everywhere! I went in to my seat and as I walked through the tunnel, I could see all the craftsmanship that went into this place…

Definitely a Step Up

I’ve been to the RCA Dome many times. I’ve been to various college arenas. But nothing could prepare me for what I was about to see when I entered the Conseco Fieldhouse. Imagine yourself as a small child seeing Disney Land for the first time. I know it may sound cheesy, but this is how I felt. Unfortunately I ended up in the balcony, but the view was still good…

Holy Hoop Land

From the minute you walk in the grand hallway that resembles an old train station, all eyes are fixed on this building. Who cares who is playing that night. As you walk up the grand staircase to the main foyer, you immediatly are overlooking the main court, staring straight at the scoreboard, complete with Jumbotrons on all four sides…

What a Palace

Having seen several events now in the new Conseco Field House, I am still amazed each time enter the building. Walking through the halls you feel like you are in a shopping mall or a museum, depending on where you are in the structure. Having seen both concerts and basketball games in the facility, I can say that there is not a bad seat in the house…

A Model Arena

I recently watched the Pacers defeat the Minnesota T-Wolves at this venue. As soon as I walked in, prior to the game, I was in awe. There were abundances of souvenier shops and food stands throughout the building, and a live band was playing. As far as the game goes, there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. I sat in the upper level and had a great view…

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