There are so many great parks in the Indianapolis area. From the Canal and White River State Park in downtown Indy to Eagle Creek Park on the city's northwest side, there is plenty of fun and recreation to be had in the city's great collection of parks. Below are the latest headlines.

Indy Parks and Recreation

What would the Circle City be without its wonderful Indianapolis parks? This public green oases provide a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Nothing rejuvenates the soul like a stroll through wooded trails, a chance to watch your Indianapolis kids go wild on the monkey bars or a homemade picnic […]

Garfield Park Celebrates with Black Pearls and Shares Terrific Terrariums this Weekend

Garfield Park, south of Indianapolis downtown, offers great Indianapolis events all year cheap or free for Indianapolis people. This weekend Indianapolis’ Garfield Park is featuring two Indianapolis community events: Black Pearls, celebrating Black History Month, and Terrific Terrariums, a chance to see green in the dead of winter. The former is FREE to all Indianapolis […]

Flowing Well Park Carmel Indiana

Artesian well water flows freely from spigots at Flowing Well Park in Carmel, Indiana. Hoosiers from near and far bring recycled water bottles to take home a taste of this fresh and clean drinking water. This appropriately named Carmel park is located on 116th St, just west of Hazel Dell Parkway. Nearly a century ago […]

Southwestway Park

Southwestway Park is the second largest park in Indianapolis, next to Eagle Creek Park. It was named because of its proximity within the city of Indianapolis, which is on the south west side of Circle City, between Mooresville and Greenwood. Southwestway Park is a major hotspot for Indianapolis sports, especially athletics for Indianapolis kids. The park’s […]

Southside Indianapolis’ Raymond Park, AKA Indy Island Aquatic Center

Also known as Indy Island Aquatic Center, Raymond Park features a huge indoor water park where Indianapolis children and residents love to splash around. The park has been around since the early 1990s, when Warren Township Metropolitan School District was in need of more land to develop a middle school. In 1993, the school district and Indy […]

Lions Park in Zionsville Indiana

Lions Park is located at the northwest corner of the intersection of South 1st Street and W. Oak Street in Zionsville. From little league to holiday festivities, Lions Park is a popular outdoors destination in Zionsville. The Zionsville Lions Club owns and operates the grounds, which are the home field of Zionsville Little League Baseball […]

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Starkey Park in Zionsville

Starkey Park is a 77-acre stretch of land located north of Indianapolis, at 667 Sugarbush Drive in Zionsville. The park offers three miles of nature hiking attracts community groups, families and nature lovers all year round. Amenities include shelter, fishing, and plenty of space to walk the dog. Starkey Park can also be accessed via Eagle […]

Morse Park

Fun in the sun and sandy beaches are at Morse Park in Noblesville, Indiana. Contrary to popular belief, Hoosiers do not have to take a road trip in order to spend an afternoon on the beach. Morse Lake wraps around the scenic Morse Park, making it unlike any other parks in Indianapolis. Residents come to […]

Northwestway Park

Northwestway Park stands out from most other Indianapolis parks because it is home to a 135,000 gallon outdoor aquatic center. The water park features four waterslides, a 25-yard lap swimming area and several pool geysers, spray showers, fountains and dumping buckets. Indianapolis children love Northwestway Park because of the aquatic center, large playgrounds and soccer fields. […]

Westside Park

Whether you’re shooting hoops with your buddies or grilling out with the family, Westside Park has beautiful landscapes and tons of fun in store. This 26 acre Indianapolis park has several amenities, including picnic areas, outdoor grills, and a playground. For park goers that love exercise and playing sports in Indianapolis, Westside Park has extensive […]

Craig Park

Visit Craig Park for a day in the great outdoors with room for a picnic, a game of horseshoes, hiking trails and a sheltered gazebo in case of rain. This 27 acre park has something to offer Indy residents of all ages, and it’s located just south of Indianapolis, in Greenwood, Indiana, near the Greenwood Park Mall and […]

Perry Park

For a splashing time in the sun, or a shivering extravaganza on ice, Perry Park is the place to be all year round. During the winter months, this Indianapolis park opens its popular indoor ice skating rink. In summertime, Perry Park has a fun aquatic center that will cool down any hot Hoosier day. Perry Park […]

Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium at Butler University

The Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium is one of the largest public observatories in the world. Why might you care about such information? Because the Holcomb Observatory is located right here in Indianapolis! Gracing the north end of Butler University‘s campus, this local gem is home to a 38-inch Cassegrain reflector telescope. Through the viewing lens […]

Indiana War Memorial Plaza Parks

The Indiana War Memorial, known more formally as the Indiana World War Memorial Plaza Historic District, was constructed in the very center of downtown Indianapolis and doubles as a stunning entrance to the commercial sector of the city from the north. The plaza and all its installations were created to honor those who fought for […]

Holcomb Gardens, Hallowed Halls of Nature at Butler University

The lovely Holcomb Gardens are located on campus at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Butler is the private college that maintains the gorgeous space. The goal is to preserve the representative flora of central Indiana, but you will also spy unusual species if you take the time to wander through these leafy halls. Blooming along […]

Indy Greenways: Indianapolis’ Trail Network

The Indy Greenways constitute the metropolitan recreational trail system which serves to connect Marion County and the metropolis of Indianapolis via walking, jogging and running paths. Maintained and operated conjointly by the Greenways Foundation (an organization that is also helping to fund the Indianapolis Cultural Trail) and Indy Parks, an organization that deals with Indianapolis […]

University Park Downtown Indianapolis Indiana

University Park in downtown Indianapolis is located between New York Street and Vermont Street at the famous Indiana War Memorial Plaza. It was originally scheduled to become the locale of Indiana State University, but ended up being used instead as the first high school in the state. During the Civil War, the property was set […]

Paul Ruster Park: 100 Acres of Indy Park Along Buck Creek

    Paul Ruster Memorial Park in Indianapolis is a relatively newly developed park and recreational area comprised of over 100 acres of land bordered by Buck Creek, near the Washington Square Mall. Designed as a rural natural setting, it contains both passive and active areas for recreation, including sledding and skating areas, picnic grounds, a […]

Watkins Park: A Welcome Respite Among Downtown Indianapolis Parks

Also known as the Northwestern Community Center, Watkins Park has served the Indianapolis community as a family center for more than 70 years. Located in downtown Indianapolis, near Circle Center Mall, Watkins Park is a relaxing getaway from the Indianapolis business atmosphere near Monument Circle. Beautiful views of the Indianapolis skyline can be seen from […]

Fort Harrison State Park: Beautiful Scenery, Venerable History

Fort Harrison State Park, along with the Fort Golf Course, occupies a good-sized chunk of the northeastern sector of Indianapolis. It has quite a history; it was constructed in 1908 as a commissioned United States Army post named Fort Benjamin Harrison (sometimes affectionately known as “Fort Ben”). Fort Harrison was best known as the nation’s […]