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Michal Lile | Indianapolis Artist

Michal Lile works in abstract, formalism and non-objective media to produce his “concepts in paint.” It is his intention for his work to be a jumping-off point for further dialogue about the ideas they provoke. Michal’s formal education in the creation of fine art has him on solid footing; he holds a Bachelor of Fine […]

Flounder Lee | Indianapolis Artist

Flounder Lee, Indianapolis artist, works in many different artistic media, including painting, photography, technological, film, and installation art in Indianapolis. He describes his work as dealing with the intersections and interactions of things. This is an idea he expands to include the juxtapositions between such crossroads as history and the present, and public and private. […]

Colleen Lauter | Indianapolis Artist

Colleen Lauter, Indianapolis artist, is an impressionist of the old school. She is well known and well respected in the Indianapolis art community for her work in still life, landscapes, seascapes, plein air paintings and figure painting. She’s also collected some outstanding awards, such as the Southside Art League People’s Choice award, and the Jury […]

Carla Knopp | Indianapolis Artist

Carla Knopp is the owner and operator of the CK Art Company located in Indy, where the artist grew up. She was self-taught as a child from the Foster series of art lessons, later receiving a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Herron School of Art, with an emphasis in studio painting. Carla Knopp creates […]

Stephen King | Indianapolis Artist

Stephen King (not the horror writer) is a native artist from the Midwest who now makes his home in the outskirts of Indianapolis, Indiana. His work is made solely with oils, mostly done on canvas. He says he loves nothing more than the everyday, and hopes to capture moments that might otherwise go by. His […]

Amy Kindred | Indianapolis Artist

Amy Kindred is a theologian in Indianapolis who incorporates making art into her spiritual journey. She finds solace and emotional balance through her creative processes. In her words, “To create imagery that hints at a grin and sometimes screams with joy is my defense against the darkness that is part of the human condition.” Her […]

James Kelly | Indianapolis Artist

James Kelly is an expert in the painting of birds and pet portraits. He combines an interesting sense of motion and fantasy into his otherwise highly representational pictures. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, and possesses a solid background of decades of graphic design experience. In […]

Ardis Harsche | Indianapolis Artist

Ardis Harsche, an Indianapolis community artist, describes her work as “Paleolithic.” She recreates that era’s cave wall as her canvas, using a beeswax medium called encaustic, working with oil and earth pigments to create embedded images reminiscent of early cave drawings. Her work may also be treated to layers of embedded sand or other natural […]

Rosanna Hardin Hall: Artist, Educator, Scholar

Rosanna Hardin Hall paints the world’s magnificent gardens from her studio in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dedicated to this specific niche, she travels far and wide to paint en plein air and capture every nuance of light, color and texture. Classically trained and oriented, Rosanna makes site-specific, representational landscapes in oil on linen, watercolor, pastel, pencil and […]

Sylvia Sullivan Gray | Indianapolis Artist

Sylvia Sullivan Gray, a member of the Indianapolis art community, says that making art is the same as figuring out a puzzle. Her method is to work with her initial ideas of forms and colors, then step back and stare at them until other images make themselves known to her. It’s akin to Michelangelo’s method […]

Mary Ann Davis | Indianapolis Artist

Mary Ann Davis owes a lot to her solid background as a graphic designer. In fact, she has owned and operated Davis Graphic Design since 1991, a prominent fixture in Indianapolis art and Indianapolis art galleries. Her artistic educational background includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Herron School of Art, with an emphasis […]

Lydia C. Burris | Indianapolis Artist

Lydia C. Burris chooses figures and landscapes for her paintings in acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, oil and ink. She also does sculptures, digital photography and murals, but at present tends to focus on her passion for the traditional media. Her subject matter, however, is definitely non-traditional. Many of her paintings are laced with what she herself […]

Pat Gaines-Mills | Indianapolis Artist

The artwork of Pat Gaines-Mills is categorized as contemporary abstract. She has a strong background in illustration which affects her artistic choices, but her work goes far beyond the graphic side of art and has its foundation in fine artwork. She maintains a working studio in Indianapolis, Indiana and is a recognized member of the […]

Amy Falstrom | Indianapolis Artist

Amy Falstrom works out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Her biggest influence for her abstract expressionistic paintings is nature and the intimate feelings it evokes for her. She uses the perceived randomness and seeming chaos in nature as ideas for subjects and images in her work. So embedded in her pieces are the shapes and shades of […]

Amy Cannady | Indianapolis Artist

At the forefront in the Indianapolis art community and respected by her fellow Indianapolis artists, Amy Cannady runs one of the more successful working Indianapolis art galleries, painting in oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media. About her goals in painting, she says it’s about the spiritual journey for her. The way this intimate path asserts […]

Betty C. Boyle | Indianapolis Artist

Betty Boyle uses acrylics, oils, watercolors and pen and ink to create her land and city scapes. She makes abstracts and representational art that have a somewhat impressionistic feel to the pieces. Betty owns and operates a working art gallery in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her work is shown in galleries in Marblehead, MA and Indianapolis, Carmel, […]

Cynthia Blasingham | Indianapolis Artist

Having picked up her art school studies in midlife, Cynthia now enjoys a well deserved thriving fine art career in Indianapolis, Indiana. She works with handmade paper, painting, printmaking and other media to produce her distinctive expressionistic and figurative artistic pieces. Cynthia recently received a Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship, and her work has won acclaim […]

Karen Baldner | Indianapolis Artist

Karen Baldner, Indianapolis artist, makes unique, sometimes super-sized, pieces of art using handmade paper for her foundation. She has also produced some sculptural pieces. In her work, Karen tries to express all the varied dimensions of human emotions, from pain to humor to anger or cynicism. She works from a personal penchant for combining the […]

Lesley Baker | Indianapolis Artist

Though Indianapolis artist Lesley Baker has a strong architectural background, she works mostly in ceramics, prints and sculpture. She layers her images to reflect the inner meanings as she perceives them. She has taught art and design in such prestigious schools as the University of California at Berkeley, the Mendocino Art Center, the Rhode Island […]

Martine Bachelart | Indianapolis Artist

Martine Bachelart is well known in the Indianapolis art community as a superior colorist who strives for energy and immediacy in her pieces. A heavy leaning toward design influences her work, which can be accurately described as abstract graphics, decorative and contemporary. As a child growing up in Belgium, she always gravitated toward the arts. […]