Indianapolis Art: a Creative Community

Residents of Indianapolis are extremely proud of the vast talent that makes up the Indianapolis art community, and the support of the arts in and around the city. Support for the local arts comes from sales and fundraising, and members of the Indianapolis art community are constantly displaying new works in the most visible places available. Indianapolis charities and non-profit groups will regularly hold auctions and shows to promote a new artist’s contributions to the world of Indianapolis fine art. Indianapolis art schools such as the prestigious Herron School of Art and Design, buoyed by various large art centers, form the living, ever-changing fabric of the Indianapolis art community.

Art in the Community Cultural Districts

Several of the Indianapolis Cultural Districts have large sections devoted to the arts, especially Broad Ripple Indianapolis, downtown Indianapolis and Mass Ave.

Broad Ripple Village logo in Indianapolis, Indiana

Broad Ripple Village possesses a modern, yet close-knit and upbeat community in a beautiful park-like setting rife with arty specialty shops, eclectic eateries and inviting nooks and crannies. Several store fronts in Broad Ripple boast handmade jewelry and clothing, completely unique and one-of-a-kind. This trendy, upbeat neighborhood attract many creative types and is becoming a mainstay in the Indy art community.

Mass Ave logo in Indianapolis, Indiana

Mass Ave has been officially proclaimed Indy’s arts district. Visitors to the area enjoy strolling down “Mass Ave” and seeing original works of art displayed in windows of the many historic storefronts in the area.

Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana Indianapolis downtown is famous for its upscale art galleries, tucked away among all the glitz and glamor of the many fabulous Indianapolis downtown hotels. Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. incorporated for the purpose of advocating for the well being of beautiful downtown Indianapolis,this group was originally called the Commission for Downtown, Inc.

Indianapolis Art Museums The art museums of Indianapolis are world-famous institutions and contain some of the finest collections of art in the country, drawing from the finest local and regional artists, and those around the globe as well. Closer to home, the art centers of Indianapolis represent communal efforts that draw the Indianapolis art community like magnets for mutual support, advocacy, outreach and conviviality of Indianapolis artists.

Two favorite “art centers of the people” are the Indianapolis Art Center and the Stutz Artists Association Center. These two art magnets represent communal artistic experiences for the people of Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Art in Indianapolis, Indiana

Built in 1934, the Indianpolis Art Center is made up of the Cultural Complex, the Marilyn K. Glick School of Art, and ARTSPARK, an enormous Indianapolis art community attraction in its own right.

The Stutz Artist Association is located in Indianapolis, Indiana

Stutz Artists Association Center is an artist cooperative par excellence. This lovely center for the arts offers instruction, studio and exhibition space and community outreach for 60 local artists.

The Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association in Indianapolis, Indiana IDADA Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association, a non-profit, membership-based organization, hosts the First Friday Art Tours. The tours, held the first Friday of each month, feature the original works of local artists and Indianapolis art galleries. Any Indianapolis artist who becomes the focus of this group is fortunate indeed.
The Indiana Arts Commission is located in Indianapolis, Indiana Indiana Arts Commission This group protects Indiana art on all levels.


Indianapolis Museum of Art Indianapolis, Indiana

Sandwiched between high-end salons and family owned Indianapolis restaurants, the art galleries typically feature free showings on a daily basis. Visitors are welcome to peruse and learn about the artists, and at times even personally meet with them.

Art in the city of Indy is a profound reflection of its people, and the creative and innovative pioneer spirit that runs through the very fiber of central Indiana. The Indianapolis art community participates in and sponsors many art shows in Indianapolis, and Indianapolis fairs and festivals, art galleries, museums, shopping malls, theaters and all the many places people gather are filled with folks’ seemingly endless artistic expressions.