Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ), an Indianapolis Newspaper

The Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ) is a weekly business newspaper highlighting in-depth coverage of Central Indiana business happenings. The IBJ is the flagship publication of its parent company IBJ Media, located at 41 E. Washington Street in downtown Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis business journal began under the primary belief that there was a need from Indianapolis businesses and business people for a more thorough coverage of local business happenings than the Indianapolis Star (IndyStar), Indianapolis TV stations, Indianapolis television stations, Indianapolis newspapers and Indianapolis radio stations were providing at that time.

The Indianapolis Business Journal was initially founded by two businessmen, John Burkhart, the founder of the College Life Insurance Company of Indianapolis, and St. Louis entrepreneur Mark Vittert. The city would see the first editions of the Indianapolis Business Journal hit the streets in May of 1980.

The IBJ was well received in the Indianapolis business community, and as its popularity and subsequent circulation rose, it would become the model for other business weeklies the partners of Burkhart and Vittert would establish in other communities. Business journals for other cities would include St. Louis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Baltimore.

During the first decade of the publication of the Indianapolis Business Journal, the founders would see circulation reach nearly 15,000 readers. Despite the great success of the IBJ, Burkhart and Vittert would decide to give up ownership in 1986. The sale of the IBJ and all sister publications of other cities to American City Business Journals, Inc. of Kansas City, would not diminish the quality of the publication geared towards Indianapolis business news. The Indianapolis newspaper would continue publication and continued readership within the business community.

The paper would once again change ownership in 1987, due to financial difficulties directly related to the stock market crash in October of 1987. ACBJ would sell the Indianapolis Business Journal and six other publications in its holdings to Minneapolis based publisher MCP, Inc. in 1988. However, the ownership of the IBJ by MCP, Inc. would only last two years as an offer to purchase the IBJ was accepted by an Indianapolis publishing venture. Indianapolis attorney and businessman, Michael Maurer would take over ownership of the paper, once again making it a venture tied solely to the Indianapolis business community. Maurer would form IBJ Media, which is the sole holder of the IBJ to this day.

The IBJ has remained an integral part of the Indianapolis business community with a steady increase in readership since its inception in 1980. Today the Indianapolis Business Journal reaches nearly 50,000 Central Indiana business men and women every week with relevant and informative business news and happenings. Each issue is comprised of complete coverage and comprehensive analyzation of area business stories. Other features include the rankings of local businesses in the IBJ’s “Top 25 Lists”, stories on the promotions and appointments of local business people, and market pages focusing on current economic indicators and trend charts, as well as Public Notices and a thorough calendar of local business happenings.

The IBJ also features targeted segments for specific industries including, Health Care, Real Estate, Manufacturing and Distribution, Insurance, and Banking. Readers of the Indianapolis Business Journal can also enjoy monthly features such as a spotlight on Women in Business, focusing on business matters related to women in the Central Indiana Business Community. A special section specifically targeting small business issues is also released on a monthly basis, as well as a section, “Perimeter,” which takes a closer look at the various counties surrounding the greater Indianapolis area.


Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ)
41 E Washington St
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

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