Indianapolis Downtown, Inc.: Revitalizing Downtown

Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. is a non-profit, nonpartisan downtown management corporation developed with the intention of being an action oriented group to address issues that will affect the growth and well being of the downtown Indianapolis area. Indianapolis Downtown, Inc maintains three primary focus areas; these include the development, management, and marketing of downtown.

The group was formed in 1977 and was initially known as the Commission for Downtown, Inc. The primary focus of this group was to accommodate the continued growth in Indianapolis and the beautification of the Indianapolis downtown area. The particular focus of this beautification effort was Monument Circle, Market Street, and Meridian Street. The group’s first major project was to complete the brick paving in the area immediately surrounding Monument Circle. This project was successfully completed n the late 1970’s.

The promotion of the assets in the downtown area would be a strong focus in the group’s mission statement in the official 1992 – 1994 strategic plan. The strengths of the downtown area were to be promoted in various forms, which included the commercial, cultural, social, and residential livening options that downtown has to offer. A partnership between the group and the public and private sectors would prove to be a success towards accomplishing the group’s goals. Funds for these efforts would be raised through memberships, grants, and a variety of activities resulting in a $465,000 budget for 1993.

January of 1993 would bring a name change to the group due to a decision by then Mayor Stephen Goldsmith to declare the need for a downtown management association. Mayor Goldsmith, along with the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee, would rename the group Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. to coincide with the new focus and direction of the group. The established public-private component of the group would be maintained, but would also expand to include downtown planning, safety, and management. Retail and Indianapolis business recruitment and retention would also become a primary focus of Indianapolis Downtown, Inc.

The official partnership with city government would bring a boost for the group with a new starting budget of $890,000 after the partnership was formed, with $300,000 being a direct contribution from the Corporate Community Council. Mayor Goldsmith’s overall objective was for the group to gain income and eventually be entirely self-supporting. This income would be generated from parking, transportation, and public safety in the downtown area.

Indianapolis Downtown Inc. maintains a board of directors, with monthly meetings held for decision making purposes. This board consists of various representatives from local government in addition to leaders of business and civic organizations. Also, an advisory group meets at least twice a year to offer extended input and advice to the board. IDI maintains a separate marketing board, Indianapolis Downtown Marketing, Inc., which meets bimonthly and separately from the group’s primary operating board.

Today, Downtown Indianapolis, Inc. is a driving force in the continued development, maintenance, and overall beautification and improvement efforts in the downtown Indianapolis area. The group continues with its primary goals of business development and retention, in addition to increasing residential offerings, improving public safety, and enhancing public spaces. Additional objectives also include the continued effort towards providing an abundant amount of affordable public parking, the improvement of public transportation and the traffic flow of downtown, marketing the assets of all areas of downtown through effective public relations, and facilitating and improving the level of public event offerings in downtown Indianapolis.

For more information on Indianapolis Downtown, Inc, please visit the organization’s homepage.

Indianapolis Downtown, Inc.
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