Indiana Flower & Patio Show: Galvanizing Indianapolis Gardens

The Indiana Flower & Patio Show is an annual event catering to gardeners, held each spring at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Over 50 years of gardening excellence combine to create over 20 gardens. A showcase of the work of some of Indiana‘s premier landscapers, this show has something to offer gardeners of any skill level, from the basic green thumb to the master gardener. With over 100,000 guests attending each year, the Indiana Flower & Patio Show in Indianapolis will provide an opportunity to share the joy of gardening and outdoor living with a variety of gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts.


Exhibitors presenting at the show are glad to discuss a variety of gardening issues; they are happy to answer any questions about getting the most out of your outdoor living space. Exhibitors at this Indianapolis attraction will also be on hand to offer the latest products in home, garden, and outdoor living. Visitors will enjoy comparing, learning about, and purchasing a variety of high quality and innovative outdoor living products and services.


Visitors can enjoy a wide array of gardening presentations, including the latest trends in floral arrangement and design, Dr. Dirt and Mr. Fix It discussing a variety of hot gardening topics, and leading arborist and forestry experts discussing topics such as tree topping vs. pruning. Soil conservationists and farmland preservationists will discuss topics like responsible food production. Rain gardens, water conservation, home drainage, and land erosion will be topics addressed by environmental specialists.

Video about the Indiana Flower & Patio Show in Indianapolis

Arborists at the Indiana Flower & Patio Show will enjoy the variety of tree talks, including tree identification. Attendees to the tree talks even receive a free tree to plant for future generations to enjoy and protect. Visitors can also attend seminars such as “Why Trees are Important”, and participate in a tree planting demonstration to learn the appropriate methods towards successful tree planting.


Learn how small steps can make a big difference in the “Top 5 Backyard Conservation Improvements” presentation. Additional topics include discussions on container gardening, garden soil improvement, and overall conservation methods in gardening.

Past Flower and Patio Shows have kicked off with an elegant preview gala event held in the gorgeous showcase gardens of the show. Guests enjoy food and drink provided by a variety of the finest Indianapolis restaurants, and also included a silent auction as well as performances by nationally known Indianapolis artists.


A floral design and landscape competition, home remodeling showcases, a large plant and flower sale, and much more await visitors to the annual Indiana Flower & Patio Show. Aside from the variety of activities and seminars, visitors will marvel at the wide variety of offerings by the show exhibitors, including garden décor and accessories, live plants from several of the on-site nurseries and garden centers, landscaping materials, yard furnishings, and a variety of food offerings.

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Indiana Flower & Patio Show
8383 Craig St #315
Indianapolis, IN 46250-3541