Humane Society of Indianapolis: Love Awaits

The Humane Society of Indianapolis was formed in 1905 by a group of concerned citizens who felt the need for an organized society to prevent cruelty to animals, children, and others who could not speak for themselves in the Indianapolis community. Over several of the early years, the society would function with limited visibility, low funding, and limited support from Indianapolis society. The future of the society would be uncertain until a generous bequest from the estate of Mary Powell Crume would aid in providing a solid financial foundation for the future of the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

In 1967, the generous donation from the Crume estate provided the means to purchase the grounds of the Indiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, located on North Michigan Road in Indianapolis. The purchase of these grounds would allow for the society to construct its first shelter facility to serve the Indianapolis community. At this point, the society decided to focus its efforts solely on animal welfare, and would begin efforts towards developing kennel operations, animal adoption and education programs, as well as rescue and investigation services.

This Indianapolis non-profit organization would continue to serve the Indianapolis area in the same manner until 1990, when the overall mission of the shelter would be redirected in accordance with the building of a new shelter facility. A new general mission would be adopted which called for providing shelter to lost and homeless animals, developing Indianapolis education programs for the community towards the humane care and treatment of all animals, and the advocating of animal welfare.

Today, the Humane Society of Indianapolis continues to run under the same principles, focusing on the humane treatment of all animals. On average, over 13,000 animals arrive at the shelter every year, with approximately 57 percent of the animals finding new and loving homes in 2006. The shelter would continue to expand and enhance its services, including 24 hour animal rescue, dog obedience classes, animal behavior seminars, and a wide variety of resources for animal related problems. Also, a cooperative would be formed with Indianapolis veterinarians to provide complete health care; in addition, the organization made great strides in the fight against overpopulation using several spay and neuter programs.

Due to generous gifts from the community, the Humane Society of Indianapolis is able to run on an annual revenue amount of nearly 2 million dollars. This support is made possible through a great amount of donations, fees for services provided, trusts, and an endowment. The shelter receives no government support and is truly dependent on the generosity and support of the local community.

The shelter works in as many ways as possible to find loving homes or alternative situations for the animals in its care. Be it adoption, rescue center placement, or temporary behavior rehab in a foster home, a great deal of effort is put forth to ensure that every possible option for care is approved.

Comprehensive and long term solutions for the animals of Indianapolis are the primary goals for the Humane Society of Indianapolis. The group adheres to its goals through vaccinations, spaying and neutering, microchip ID placement to aid in reuniting animals with their owners, behavior assessment and enrichment, essential medical care, and the basics: food, shelter, exercise, and love. The continued care and support of the animal continues once it is placed in its new home; pet counselors follow up with families regarding animal behavior and training problems, and the counselors ensure the pet is adjusting properly to the family and their lifestyle.

Informational video about the Humane Society of Indianapolis

At the Humane Society of Indianapolis, the various workers, veterinarians, trainers, and dedicated volunteers are available to ensure you find the best animal companion for your family, and ensure everyone can successfully experience the joy animal ownership can bring.

For more information on the Humane Society of Indianapolis, please visit the organization’s homepage.

Humane Society of Indianapolis
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