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Indy Jazz Fest: Still Cookin’ After Eleven Years

This extremely hip Indianapolis festival, held in June every year, is presented on two different stages in the famous Military Park of Indianapolis. It is considered one of the best music festivals offered all year long in the entire Midwest. Spyro Gyra performing at Indy Jazz Fest in Indianapolis, Indiana. Over a decade of heavy-duty […]

Indianapolis Theatre Companies: Live Art on the Boards

Theatrical arts are a huge part of Indianapolis culture and society. There are more theatres in Indianapolis producing better quality shows than in most similar cities in Indiana and throughout the United States. Indianapolis Hoosiers lean on these thespians to fill an important niche in their lives. Through the art of theatre, one can come […]

Indianapolis Fairs and Festivals

While there are certainly plenty of things to do in Indianapolis on a day to day basis, there are also dozens of extravagant events that happen only once a year in the Circle City. Indianapolis has celebrations of all kinds. The city has celebrations of the arts, like the indyFringe Festival and and the Indianapolis […]

Indianapolis Speedrome: Breakneck Figure 8 Racing

The Indianapolis Speedrome, situated on the southeast side of Indianapolis between outlying Warren Park, Cumberland, and Beech Grove, has been attracting Indianapolis sports fans since the 1940s. The Speedrome runs auto races almost every day of the week between March and mid-November. The major draw for this famous racetrack is its “figure eight races,” and […]

The Jazz Kitchen: Hot Music Spot and Restaurant

Indianapolis has long been known as a hotspot for jazz music. It has been a part of the jazz scene since its origins in the early 20th century, and the city has many hometown jazz heroes, such as Slide Hampton, Jimmy Coe, Flo Garvin, and Pookie Johnson. The Jazz Kitchen Lounge and Restaurant, one of […]

Northside Knights of Columbus: An Indianapolis Social Society

The Northside Knights of Columbus is an Indianapolis organization and social club that connects men, women and children to a larger community. Though historically the Knights of Columbus are a Catholic social organization, the Northside Knights of Columbus in Indy are connected to both Catholic and non-Catholic Indianapolis area charitable and nonprofit organizations, which they […]

The Best Seafood in Indianapolis: Kona Jack’s Restaurant

If you’re a seafood lover, look no further than the North side of Indianapolis to Kona Jack’s Fish Market, Restaurant and Sushi Bar. This popular restaurant was named best seafood restaurant in Indy by one of the biggest names in Indianapolis media, Indianapolis Monthly magazine, for ten years running. Kona Jack’s has been a Circle […]

Kuaba Gallery: Indianapolis African Art Gallery

The Kuaba Gallery is an Indianapolis art gallery located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis that features African inspired modern art. The Kuaba Gallery can be found in a hip hot spot in Indy: the Massachusetts Avenue cultural district. With distinctive African art pieces and collectibles, the stuff you will find at the Kuaba Gallery […]

Kuntz Memorial Soccer Stadium in Downtown Indianapolis

Originally built for the Pan American Games, the Kuntz Memorial Soccer Stadium, located in Indianapolis, hosts several international, national and regional Indianapolis events.  It is considered a premier outdoor soccer facility, and serves as home base for the IUPUI men’s soccer and IUPUI women’s soccer teams. IHSAA Boys Soccer Finals at the Kuntz Memorial Stadium in […]

Lucas Oil Stadium: Opulent Home of the Indianapolis Colts

Lucas Oil Stadium | Comments and Reviews Lucas Oil Stadium | Lucas Oil Stadium Videos Lucas Oil Stadium in the center of downtown Indianapolis is an enormous conglomeration of world-class stadium, viewing suites, and concert and convention space. Just a brief walk from numerous world-class Indianapolis hotels, upscale Indianapolis restaurants and some of the best […]

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Morris-Butler House Museum, Indianapolis History Preserved

The Morris-Butler House Museum is an Indianapolis monument to the Victorian Era and a uniquely preserved treasure for the people of Indianapolis to learn from. The Morris-Butler House is located in Indianapolis history’s Old Northside, which is bound by Pennsylvania Street, College Avenue, 16th Street, and Interstate 65. In its heyday, the Old Northside of […]

The Old National Centre: Historic Indianapolis Performing Arts Venue

   For current show information at the Old National Centre, visit its homepage. The Old National Center, formerly known as the Murat Centre, is one of the most historic and active Indianapolis performing arts venues. Located in downtown Indianapolis, the Old National Center is one of the main sources of Indianapolis nightlife, drawing in nationally […]

Slippery Noodle Inn: Indiana’s Oldest Bar

The Slippery Noodle Inn, Indiana‘s oldest bar, opened in 1850. Owners Hal and Carol Yeagy try to preserve an old-time, laid back feel at the inn, located in downtown Indianapolis. With no fancy tiling on the floor, no delicate sconces in sight on the walls, and no 1000-thread tablecloths, there’s nothing to distract you from […]

Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument: Honoring Indiana’s Fallen

One of the single-most recognized landmarks within Indianapolis and the state of Indiana, the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument commemorates Indiana’s war heroes who died serving in wars before World War I. Standing for over 100 years, the monument was erected and dedicated in 1902. The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument serves as a memorial to the […]

Take Your Indianapolis Kids to the Survive Alive Village

For Indianapolis children, the Survive Alive Village is an integral part of Indianapolis education and a fun way to learn safety tips vital to any school system. Survive Alive is an interactive village designed to teach fire safety information to children in a hands-on, informative way. The village is useful for all school-age children, but […]

The Athenaeum: Historic German Attraction in Indianapolis

The Athenaeum has a long, respected history since its beginning in 1892, when it was built as a home for some central Indianapolis German societies and the Athenaeum Turners, an early German athletic society, also known as “Sozialer Turnverein.” Almost one century later, the American Cabaret Theatre teamed up with several friends and donors to […]

Warren Performing Arts Center

To see current show information for the Warren Performing Arts Center, visit their homepage. The Warren Performing Arts Center, located on the campus of Warren Central High School,is a premier high school Indianapolis performing arts venue on the eastern outskirts of Indianapolis.   The Circle City is famous world-wide for the exciting Indianapolis sports that […]

Watkins Park: A Welcome Respite Among Downtown Indianapolis Parks

Also known as the Northwestern Community Center, Watkins Park has served the Indianapolis community as a family center for more than 70 years. Located in downtown Indianapolis, near Circle Center Mall, Watkins Park is a relaxing getaway from the Indianapolis business atmosphere near Monument Circle. Beautiful views of the Indianapolis skyline can be seen from […]

Footlite Musicals: High Art in the Hedback

Footlite Musicals began simply enough in 1955. A group of musician-thespians without a home banded together to travel around Indianapolis producing musical theater at any likely venue, including school auditoriums and churches. Today, the group produces the best of Broadway on a professional stage with professional quality, though the organization is made up of volunteers. […]

Pike Performing Arts Center: Indianapolis High School Offers State of the Art Theater

For current show information at the Pike Performing Arts Center, visit its website. The Pike Performing Arts Center is a great asset to both Indianapolis education and Indianapolis art, showcasing a number of great shows every year for both students and the general public in an upscale Indianapolis performing arts theatre. Located in northwestern Indianapolis, […]