Dance Kaleidoscope: It’s the Color of the Art

Nicely situated on the south side of Butler University, Dance Kaleidoscope holds this lofty mission statement dear: “To inspire, educate and entertain through the experience of outstanding contemporary dance.”  This is the top professional contemporary dance company in the state of Indiana, since 1972, comprised of highly trained and talented dancers in the DK ensemble, a top-notch artistic and administrative staff, a Board of Trustees and advisory council.

Apart from regular dance concert behemoths such as Scheherazade (performed in September of 2008 with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra), Stravinsky’s famous Rite of Sprint contemporary ballet and other dance-centered productions, Dance Kaleidoscope also reaches out to the community with their education series. This well thought out and well executed collection of education offerings includes DK’s Student Matinee Series, the Thursday Evening Education Series (geared toward the older student and life-long learning programs), their In-School Performances and Residency (for children of elementary school age), the DK master classes in choreography called Creative Process, the master class in contemporary dance called the Graham Technique, the Dance Kaleidoscope Workshop for advanced and pre-performance dancers, Conversations with David (a lecture series given by DK’s Artistic Director, David Hochoy) and DK’s in-school residency program called Multi-Disciplinary Residency (for opera and dance collaboration).

Dance Kaleidoscope sprang into being from its origins as an educational program with the local chapter of Young Audiences, and the organization is obviously still highly committed to bringing the many benefits of dance to students of all ages.

Its reputation as an extraordinary Indianapolis performing arts ensemble, however, is outstanding, even at the national level. They perform their main repertoire events at first-class local Indy venues, such as the Clowes Memorial Hall and the Indiana Repertory Theatre Mainstage.

The arts sustain and enhance Indianapolis education. Without them, we would be an extremely boring species. In Indianapolis, sports is what’s famous on the outside. But everybody knows, it’s the Indianapolis arts on the inside that counts.


Indiana Repertory Theatre
140 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
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Dance Kaleidoscope
4603 Clarendon Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Phone: (317) 940-6555

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