Indiana Medical History Museum

While only one of many historical museums in Indianapolis, the Indiana Medical History Museum showcases its own unique theme and heritage. Located on the west side of downtown Indianapolis, it resides in the space the former Central State Hospital occupied. During its conception in 1895, the building  was referred to as the Pathological Department Building. One of its first uses was to begin the process of research for physical causes of mental illness. The structure houses a wide range of artifacts dating back to the 18th century, and the building itself is the oldest facility devoted to the study of pathology in the United States. The valuable collection inside the museum spans a wide range of years and topics, containing historical pieces from the very first studies of psychiatry and medicine up through present day practices. All of these tools and procedures were not only used in the hopes of creating a healthier Indianapolis but would be able to help people worldwide.

The Indiana Medical History Museum, while presenting its scientific paraphernalia in an authentic setting, has received updates throughout the years and now contains three sophisticated clinical labs and a photography lab, a well-equipped library, and a large teaching auditorium. In addition to the indoor artifacts the museum houses, outside resides an impressive garden featuring over 90 medicinal plants, cared for by the Purdue Master Gardeners of Marion County. Each plant is accompanied by a detailed plaque describing its use in modern and historical medicine.  The Indiana Medical History Museum is a unique way to look back through some Indianapolis history and see how Hoosiers have help further the field of medicine.

If you’re interested in touring the museum, one of the must see attractions in Indianapolis, hours are 10:00am to 4:00pm Thursday through Saturday. Tours are conducted on Wednesdays only for groups of 10 or more who call ahead to reserve a time. Volunteers to give the tours are always needed as well, in addition to helping arrange the many artifacts on display. Don’t miss your opportunity to become involved in your community history and learn about the origins of the study of psychiatry at this historic building in Indianapolis.

Indiana Medical History Museum
3045 Vermont Street
Indianapolis, IN 46222

To learn more about this museum visit the Indiana Medical History Museum website today.