Indiana War Memorial Museum: Commemorating Indianapolis’ Fallen

The Indiana War Memorial Museum is another major Indianapolis attraction. Set in the place of honor at the center of downtown Indianapolis, it is a tall, imposing shrine in the classical Greek style of architecture.

Outside this Indianapolis shrine is a startling array of sculpture and other works of art. The exterior of the Indiana War Memorial Museum building proudly displays six stone columns between its tower’s five large windows, each of sculpted, Neo-classical Greek style figures symbolizing courage, victory, memory, liberty, peace and patriotism.

Inside this Indianapolis museum, visitors will find three separate levels to explore. On the main floor of the museum facility, there are several exhibits, meeting rooms, offices, and the Pershing Auditorium, which is available for rental. Hoosier veterans of the two Great Wars are immortalized on this level, as well as those who were M.I.A. or killed in Vietnam and Korea.

The upper floor of the museum is dedicated to the Shrine Room, a living symbol of world peace. Crafted using material brought from all around the globe, it has blood-red, marble support pillars all around it. The United States flag, still and proud, takes its perennial place underneath the Star of Destiny, which is suspended from the center of the vast ceiling. Below lies the Altar of Consecration, commemorating the patriotic fallen.

The Indiana War Memorial Museum is also home to a military museum collection of memorabilia from the Battle of Tippecanoe to the present. Visitors will find such fascinating artifacts as a Korean War helicopter, numerous authentic firearms and a nuclear missile.

This magnificent museum is a significant piece of Indianapolis culture, Indianapolis art and Indianapolis history. For more information on the Indiana War Memorial Museum, please visit the museum’s homepage.

Indiana War Memorial Museum
431 N Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46204-1276