Indianapolis Hiking Club: Adventure, Exercise, Friendship

The Indianapolis Hiking Club has a cool motto: “Happiness, one step at a time.” This burgeoning organization explores the beauty of Indianapolis in over 1300 different hikes a year, staunchly carried out by more than 750 members who are passionate about nature, Indianapolis history, travel, adventure and hiking in general.

The group accepts anybody over the age of 18, without pets. Formed all the way back in 1957, the Indianapolis Hiking Club does more than explore Indianapolis hiking trails and nurture lasting relationships with like-minded people. Year after year, they help with worthy conservation projects, such as clearing the Yellowwood Trail in Brown County.

The Indianapolis Hiking Club also organizes special Indianapolis events and parties such as wiener roasts, summer picnics and a big Christmas party. Often other activities will be added to a hike, such as Indianapolis museum and garden tours, live Indianapolis music, and visits to favorite Indianapolis restaurants. Many long-lasting friendships have originated and flourished among the membership of this club.

Video of the Indianapolis Tecumseh Trail Marathon, sponsored by the Indianapolis Hiking Club

Just a few of the hikes developed by the Indianapolis Hiking Club are: the Tecumseh Trail Marathon, a Smoky Mountains Weekend and the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. The latter is extremely popular and the biggest half marathon in the United States.

The Indianapolis Hiking Club is one of the largest such organization in the nation, with a median age of 50 and members from all walks of life. Guests of members, including Indianapolis kids, are welcome. All the organizers are volunteers, including the board members and various committee members.

For more information on the Indianapolis Hiking Club, please visit the organization’s homepage.

Indianapolis Hiking Club
Contact: Mary Williams
695 Old Plank Rd
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