Indianapolis Speedrome: Breakneck Figure 8 Racing

The Indianapolis Speedrome, situated on the southeast side of Indianapolis between outlying Warren Park, Cumberland, and Beech Grove, has been attracting Indianapolis sports fans since the 1940s. The Speedrome runs auto races almost every day of the week between March and mid-November.

The major draw for this famous racetrack is its “figure eight races,” and the major draw for figure eight races is the potential danger involved. Cars weave and screech all around each other at the intersections of the “8” in order to miss full-on collisions. Fender-benders are frequent and expected. Wrecks are common, but the professionals who race through these hazards are practiced at avoiding them. It’s an exhilirating Indianapolis attraction that is one of the coolest things to do in Indianapolis.

Video of the 2007 World Figure-8 Championship at the Indianapolis Speedrome in Indianapolis


The Indianapolis Speedrome is what’s known as a “short track”; it’s only 1/5 mile of banked paving. At its inception in 1941, the Indianapolis Speedrome was meant to be a raceway for those open-wheeled “midget” cars from the World War II era that are popular at the Hoosier 100 and at the O’Reilly Raceway Park. These days, races at the Speedrome use mostly stock cars, though the Speedrome does mount Legend and Midget car racing as well.

From the stands overlooking this small, twisty track, onlookers can see all the breakneck action without bringing out the binoculars. There are also seats along the straightaway for higher prices than the bleachers, though the sunset can sometimes get in the way of spectators there.

The Indianapolis Speedrome is the home of the World Figure 8 Championship. Some of the most famous race car drivers have appeared at the Speedrome, including Tony Stewart, Mel Kenyon, Bobby Allison, Gary Bettenhausen, Lloyd Ruby, Michael Waltrip, John Andretti, Darrel Waltrip, Johnny Rutherford and A.J. Foyt.

Fans flock to the Indianapolis Speedrome to catch the action of the Late Models, Stocks, Road Runners and Hornets. Along with these famous auto races, the Speedrome produces the Pepsi Kids Bike Race Championships.

Indianapolis Speedrome
802 S Kitley Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46219

For more information on the Indianapolis Speedrome, please visit the track’s homepage.

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