Take Your Indianapolis Kids to the Survive Alive Village

For Indianapolis children, the Survive Alive Village is an integral part of Indianapolis education and a fun way to learn safety tips vital to any school system.

Survive Alive is an interactive village designed to teach fire safety information to children in a hands-on, informative way. The village is useful for all school-age children, but it was created specifically for those in the second grade. This learning activity is conducted by a Marion Country firefighter and is one of the most important list of things to do in Indianapolis for every elementary school child.

After the instructor briefs the children thoroughly on what to do in case of a fire, the kids are given the opportunity to act out what they’ve learned by “escaping” from the simulated fire and finishing the activity with a 911 phone call. Evaluation and testing of how well they applied their new knowledge is then conducted.

The Survive Alive Village is open Monday through Friday, and all sessions are scheduled at 10:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. All tours must be arranged in advance. For more information, check out the Survive Alive website, where you can also take a virtual tour of the Survive Alive village.


Also on the website is a helpful list of fire safety information and links to sources of valuable information, such as the Carbon Monoxide Awareness Coalition of Central Indiana and the Greater Indianapolis CPR Task Force. The task force provides education and training for Indy citizens on CPR to increase the survival rate of those suffering from cardiac arrest.

Another great resource for kids to check out and receive fire safety training and a bit of Indianapolis culture at the same time is the Indianapolis Firefighters Museum and Fallen Firefighters Memorial. Housed in an old fire station, it remains the oldest fire station in Marion County.

Teachers, make sure you sign your kids up for an interactive experience at the Survive Alive house, and have them check out the website in advance to complete a safety checklist, safety quizzes, and even coloring pages. These materials and more prep them for the life-saving information they will receive at the Survive Alive Village.

The Survive Alive Village
748 Massachusetts Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46204