Das Deutsche Haus Athenaeum: Downtown Historic Bastion

The word “athenaeum” is Latin and refers to an ancient Roman school for the study of the arts. Over the millennia, the meaning of the word grew to encompass the study of practically everything, and a temple of sorts to the human body as well.

Das Deutsche Haus Athenaeum, then, can be interpreted to mean “the German house of learning.” The Athenaeum itself, located just a half-block from busy downtown Indianapolis, has been a magnet for the German-American community since 1893, and a center of activities for the diverse Indianapolis community at large for most of that respectable period.

There are many organizations that sprang up to support and make use of the Athenaeum, such as the Athenaeum Damenverein, the Athenaeum Docent Club, the Athenaeum Pops Orchestra, the Athenaeum Turners, the Indiana German Heritage Society, the Indianapolis German Language Institute, the Indianapolis Maennerchor Inc., the Max Kade German-American Center, the Rotary Club of Indianapolis, the American Cabaret Theatre, the YMCA at the Athenaeum and the Young Actors Theatre,

It’s easy to see why the Athenaeum has been such a vital nexus in Indy for so many years, and such a bastion of Indianapolis history.


Das Deutsche Haus Athenaeum
The Athenaeum
401 E Michigan St
Indianapolis, IN 46204


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